$11.8 Million in Blow Crosses the Border in Baby Wipes, Is Nothing Sacred Anymore??

wellphoto / shutterstock.com

Drug mules have tried everything to smuggle narcotics into the country as well as guns and cash back out. Their innovation in how they are going to sneak the latest load is always amazing, and for years it has always had at least some decorum of respect to how they would get things across the border.

Now, the Border Patrol in Laredo, TX has discovered that the line of decorum is completely gone at this point. A shipment of baby wipes contained 1,935 packages of cocaine, for a total of 1,532 pounds. After being flagged for a secondary inspection, the drug-detecting dog got a positive hit on the boxes, thus the discovery. In total, the bust had an $11.8 million street value.

Alberto Flores, the port director for the Laredo Port of Entry provided a statement about the bust. “Officers assigned to CBP cargo facilities ensure effective border security by preventing and countering the flow of suspected narcotics entering the country. This seizure is a prime example of border security management and how it helps prevent dangerous narcotics from reaching our communities.”

These kinds of discoveries keep happening at both borders, with Canada mainly being marijuana now that it’s legal there and cheaper than many of the dispensaries here in the U.S. Meanwhile, the Mexican border continues to be a gateway for every substance known to man. From cocaine to heroin to marijuana to fentanyl. The Mexican cartels are now making or importing the best of nearly every product available to man. They flood the market and ensure that the supplies are kept flowing so the addicts have something to use at a good cost.

For decades now, the war on drugs has been ongoing, but this kind of cloaking was never part of the risks. Hiding it in vegetables made sense. So did hollowed-out TVs, spare tires, and even gas tanks. The baby wipes, that’s just too far. Those involved in the drug trade always took special care not to involve or harm children. That was just unforgivable to them, as it should be.

Now, they will take advantage of any idea they can use to drum up to get things across the border. While people smuggling a kilo here or there with a baby or in a diaper bag was somewhat common, it was just using them as a cloaking device. Not actually hiding amongst the actual products. That fine distinction is what makes this NOT okay. Their flooding of the market with more drugs is turning the U.S. into a disaster area for narcotics abuse and problems with people not being able to control themselves.

Drugs have been a problem in this country for decades. Under President Biden, they have only gotten worse. While the pandemic, its lockdowns, the losses, and the mental anguish it has taken on the people is a large part of it, the accessibility to things like heroin and cocaine has only complicated the problems. We have better access to it due to Biden and his horrific policies and his refusal to clamp down on the border.

Instead, he would rather trade national security, better drug laws, and the safety of American children for some fraudulent votes when they get established here as refugees. That’s the absolute beauty about this latest plan from both Biden and the cartels.

Those already sneaking over the border are now carrying drugs with them in mass quantities. They can claim they were forced to take them, and now they cannot return home for they will be killed for being discovered. As such, they need political asylum so they don’t need to go back. It’s a win-win for the cartels and the smugglers. Either they get to the U.S. and get paid very well for transporting drugs, or they get citizenship. The days of the drug runners code are now gone. All thanks to the left being weak.