3 Reasons Dems Should Stop the Trump Assault

3 Reasons Dems Should Stop the Trump Assault

The “Mueller Report” has been public for almost two weeks now. It clearly shows no evidence of collusion, intentional or otherwise.

No clearly criminal activity. And no “path to impeachment” of any sort.

Yet many Democrat politicians still insist on harassing President Trump and, it would seem, anyone connected with him.

This has to stop.

This sort of harassment keeps the President from doing his job. It also hurts everyday Americans.

And it is ultimately a useless effort that promotes vindictive use of the law.

Here are three major points you can bring up to anyone who argues otherwise.

1. Further Congressional “Investigation” Keeps the President from Doing His Job
Democrats need to drop the rage-haze long enough to remember one simple fact: Whether or not you like the man who’s filling it, the Office of the President is the most important in the nation. America needs a functional white house, in order to function properly!

“It grinds the administration to a halt,” according to Scott Jennings. He was a former Special Assistant to the President under George W. Bush, and is in a position to know. “You have take it seriously. It’s going to be all-out warfare.”

“I say it’s enough,” said President Trump recently. “Get back to infrastructure, get back to cutting taxes, lowering drug prices. Really, that’s what we should be doing.”

We couldn’t agree more.

2. It Hurts Americans in Need of Health Care
If there’s one thing that Democrats and Republicans can agree on these days, it’s that health care in America needs a major overhaul. Instead of reaching across the isle and making an effort at that, they are wasting precious resources trying to pull the President down to their level. And once again, they are wasting their own resources, while forcing the GOP and the entire executive branch to waste their own precious resources as well.

In other words, when Democrats aren’t helping us hammer out a deal on health care, they are hurting everyone who needs that change.

Some people need better access to care. Many of need the system changed back to the way at was, before our premiums and co-pays became outrageous (thanks, Obama).

Either way, the simplest way to put it is that when Democrats are waging war on the President, they’re not helping Americans in need.

It is basically a betrayal of the American people. It’s something they’ll have to answer for at the polls in 2020. This might not go as well for them as they think!

3. It’s Been Done Already
Democrats are now assaulting the President and his connections with a new, ever-flowing round of subpoenas. They want to subpoena documents, testimony, tax forms, records, and more documents. They’ve barely had the house three months, and they’ve already churned out a surprising amount of litigation and attempts at litigation.

But it’s all already been done.

Robert Mueller and his team gathered hundreds of hours of testimony and thousands of pages of records and other documents over the course of 22 months. What else can Democrats hope to find that Mueller and his team did not?

No doubt some of them think that if they overturn just one more stone, they’ll find their Smoking Gun of Impeachment just as pretty as you please.

Some of them may really believe in what they’re doing.

In their case, we’d recommend that they step back and take a look at the evidence that has already been collected.

But even more important: They should take not of what evidence *was simply not there to find!*

Whatever you might think of Robert Mueller, he’s being doing this kind of thing for a long, long time.

If there had been a smoking gun, he would have surely found it.

Of course, there are *other* Democrat politicians who really don’t care.

They hate President Trump and everything he stands for.
They will proceed to look for evidence, knowing it’s not there.

These are the people who want Don McGahn to testify in front of Congress–even though have gave a week’s worth of testimony to the Mueller team.

These are the same politicians who want Robert Mueller to testify to Congress–even though he put together a 445-page report that very much speaks for itself.

These are the politicians we especially need to beat in 2020.

If you’re reading this newsletter, you’re probably already planning to vote.

Please remind everyone who is concerned about our country to do the same.


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