A Ray of Hope: NYC Goes a Day with Zero COVID Deaths

The moment the CDC reversed its recommendations last month, Americans panicked. What? No mask if you’re vaccinated? What about all of the people who refuse to get vaccinated who are going to shed their masks, too?

Although the Democratic administration took down their masks and proved that they believed in the CDC, there were plenty of Democratic cities and states to keep mandates in place. California and Michigan were among the top who wanted to continue to penalize their residents, regardless of vaccine status.

New York City, however, promoted the CDC recommendations. If you’re vaccinated, you can forego the mask. And if you’re not vaccinated, now would be a good time to get vaccinated.

After all, it’s the summer and New York has big plans to open back up and get back to normal.

And, NYC proved that they could actually hold their own.

The liberal city has done what the state of Texas has already done: reported a day with zero coronavirus deaths.

Well done, New York City.

We need to root for the liberal cities so that they can get out of their own way. Too many are making decisions based on fear instead of science and reality.

It appears that we really may be in the final stretch of the pandemic. If New York City can accomplish not only a day of zero coronavirus deaths but also an impressive 0.83 percent positivity rate, the country is moving in the right direction.

Mayor Bill de Blasio publicly asked the famous question “What have you done for me lately?” He responded with “I’ll tell you what vaccinations have done for us. We have the lowest positivity rate we’ve ever had since this crisis began because people got vaccinated. It couldn’t be clearer. Let’s keep going.”

The state positivity is declining, too. As Governor Cuomo explained, they’re following the science and the data. They’re reducing restrictions on individuals and on businesses. Additionally, they’re working to get as many people vaccinated as possible.

The decline of COVID cases has been seen around the country. And, since the CDC reversed their recommendations, the number of people getting vaccinated is on the rise, too. Apparently, people needed to see that they wouldn’t continually get punished because of being vaccinated.

Does that mean that people have to go maskless? No. It’s a choice. Anyone who’s been vaccinated and two weeks have passed since the last vaccination can choose whether they want to wear a mask or not.

Many are choosing not to wear a mask. They’re going into businesses. They’re buying more, and they’re enjoying themselves. Why? They can finally breathe.

This is a big step for the country. As more people step out of their homes and begin to feel more comfortable in society, it will help the economy bounce back.

New York City’s report has to be inspirational. We cannot look at it as a fluke. We cannot look at it as being irresponsible. It is proof that if people get vaccinated and follow the protocols, we can put COVID to rest once and for all.

Now, other cities need to follow the same science and data. Californians need to be allowed to stop masking up if they’ve been vaccinated. Those in DC still have to wear a mask when outdoors if they’re not vaccinated. In Hawaii, people businesses are required to refuse those who are maskless, regardless of vaccination status.

Enough is enough. If New York City can see COVID rates decline, so can everyone else. It’s time to let people make a choice about their health and about whether they want to wear a mask. It turns out that most people will choose the appropriate course because people want to have a life and remain healthy.

NYC has shown that they’re willing to listen to science, and the people of NYC have been rewarded with their freedom back. Now, we just need the rest of the country to follow suit.


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