ICE Director Points Blame for Border Crisis Where It Belongs

ICE Director Points Blame for Border Crisis Where It Belongs

The southern border is quickly becoming an embarrassment to the United States.

The failure of a nation to secure its own border and to keep its own people safe is becoming known. The question that comes is which person or entity is to blame for the border crisis.

It may be that there are one or more people that could share the blame but really who is it now that has had the power to change it and has failed.

The acting Ice Director, Mark Morgan, has called out Congress on their inability to stop the crisis at the border when they have the power to do it.

Congress has failed to change the laws to keep people from crossing the border whenever they want to. Morgan has asked Congress to change the laws that are now in effect so the border crisis in the south will quiet down.

Morgan has stated, “Congress has absolutely failed in this area. It’s unsustainable and nobody should want this.”

This issues at the border have crossed a line that makes things extremely critical for everyone involved.

Mark Morgan has also asked Congress to pass the $4.5 billion financing bill so that they can better do their job.

The money would be able to house families and provide beds for those waiting for an answer to immigration or who are waiting to be deported.

The White House has been requesting the money for some time and Congress is dragging their feet.

Morgan was asked by Trump to fill in as director in order to help shake things up In ICE. The President wanted someone in the position that would take a tougher stance on the problem and push to see solutions come to reality.

Interesting enough that the person Trump wanted actually served as the chief of the border patrol when Obama was president.

Morgan was edged out of the picture when Trump became President and not he is being asked to do a job that no one can seem to solve.
His stance on border issues is hard, and he is not afraid to speak what needs to be said in order to get things done.

Morgan has said in the past, “I’ve been to detention facilities where I’ve walked up to these individuals that are so-called minors 17 or under, and I’ve looked at them and I’ve looked at their eyes, Tucker — and I’ve said that this is a soon-to-be MS-13 gang member. It’s unequivocal.”

His point is that many people that are coming across the border are looking to get involved in gangs and criminal activity.

Morgan has even sided with the President and mentioned that it is time for Mexico to help do something about the issue. The President of Mexico has resisted any plan that would require his country to offer asylum to people seeking it.

This could prove only to show that Mexico knows the kind of people moving to the north are not people that are law abiding citizens.

President Trump has already threatened and imposed tariffs on Mexico until they are ready to help with the issue. Morgan has stated that “The international standard is that when you depart a country, you claim asylum in the first country you come to.”

For whatever reason people are targeting America and going against the set standard for asylum seekers.

Mexican officials have traveled to the United States to try to work out a deal but it does not seem like it made it very far.

They have rejected the idea of any kind of asylum deal that would require Mexico to offer a place to live to the people seeking asylum.

Morgan has stated that the ICE agency does not exclude any person from enforcing the current laws.

They do not want to appear to be demographically choosing one person over another. Every single person or family will face the same kind of law enforcement as everyone else does trying to come across the border.

Congress needs to take the time and act on the southern border.

If they cannot agree on what the President suggests, then it is time to develop their own plan that the President can sign.


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