Aides to Vice President Defend His Stay in Ireland

Aides to Vice President Defend His Stay in Ireland

There is no doubt Democrats are the worst form of hypocrites on the planet.  An aide to Vice President Mike Pence has defended his decision to spend time at one of President Trump’s properties in Ireland.  Pence is handling business for the president and had to take a detour to stop off in Ireland.  Democrats are criticizing the Vice President claiming he is “enriching Trump at taxpayers’ expense.”  They neglect to remember how many millions of dollars were wasted by the Obama’s when they went on vacation.  Vice President Pence is not on vacation and doing his job.  Taxpayer dollars are spent to get a job well done, and the Democrats do not like it one bit because it always makes them look bad.

Pence’s chief of staff, Marc Short, defended the vice president while on Air Force Two, stating, “The decision to stay at Trump International Golf Links in Doonbeg was made at Trump’s suggestion, and that Pence and his entourage will not be staying for free.”  Short continued, “Pence’s office followed official protocol and received State Department sign-off, adding that the club is the one facility in the Doonbeg area that can accommodate a group of their size.”

In 2013, Pence visited Doonbeg due to his family ties and had his wife, mother, and sister with him on the trip then and today.  His original plans were to stop off in Ireland last, but President Trump canceled a visit which was planned to Poland.  This offset the plans and had Pence’s team scrambling to revise his scheduled stops.

Short also explained to reporters, “Advance teams and Secret Service had already done weeks of planning work to secure the site, so they decided to keep the Doonbeg plan in place and commute by plane into Dublin for meetings Tuesday, including coffee with Irish President Michael Higgins and lunch with Irish Taoiseach Leo Varadkar and his partner.”  Short added, “The vice president is personally covering all costs for his mother and sister.”  Under the Obama administration, we funded the whole family and extended staff, including their dog.

Representative Ted Lieu, a Democrat from California, posted on Twitter, “Funneling taxpayer money to @POTUS by staying at this Trump resort.  Sooooooo corrupt.”  The DNC added to the post, “Your tax dollars: making the Trump family richer.”  Democrats are such hypocrites!  They use our tax dollars to go on vacations that most people will never in their lifetime ever visit or see.  Many of us will never make the amount of money it cost for one of their luxurious trips in our lifetime.  They have their nerve to speak of the Vice President when they do this continuously.  At least the Vice President pays for his family out of his pocket!

Let us take a closer look at the Obamas.  The entire tab under the Obama administration closed out during Obama’s time in office at $1.4 billion, yes, BILLION dollars.  Michelle Obama and their dog alone were funded in hundreds of millions of dollars by taxpayers.  It is disgraceful just the thought of how much it costs to have Michelle Obama’s hair and nails done.  She is not even pretty, and many claims she is a man.  The Royal Family in England together does not even come close to what the Obama administration spent on vacations.  It is recorded that British taxpayers only spent $57.8 million on the Royal Family.  But Democrats always claim the Trump administration is the worst on spending.

We can take another look at the trip itself Vice President Pence took.  Everything for him and his wife is always funded no matter business or pleasure through taxpayer dollars.  This is how it has always been.  Whether it is spent at a fancy hotel or the president’s personal property, the money is going to be paid.  What do the Democrats expect for the Vice President and his family to sleep in cardboard boxes?  They have to stay somewhere while overseas.  It does not make a difference to us if they stay at Trump’s property or somewhere else.  The Democrats are just making a big deal over nothing because this is not a vacation.  It is a business trip, and Pence is funding his own family out of his pocket, not the taxpayers.

Obama also had the most staff members of any presidency, and they were the highest-paid.  Millions of dollars were wasted under the Obama administration and their dog, but who’s counting?


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