Al Franken: Kicked By Democrats

Al Franken: Kicked By Democrats

Forced morality is what the devious Democrats are trying to make the American people believe about the Democratic Party. They want people to think that they disapprove of certain behaviors while at the same time their actions tell a different story. The entire purpose of forced morality is so the dumb Democrats can set themselves up as a righteous group to attack President Trump and other Republicans that have been falsely accused of sexual harassment.

A former Senator named Al Franken who was a Democrat from Minnesota stepped down from the Senate in 2017 because of sexual misconduct allegations. At the same time, he was crying out against President Trump accusing him of the same behavior that he would soon be guilty of. The difference, of course, was that Al Franken was guilty of the crimes while President Trump was found innocent.

The Democratic Party has a horrible record of defending the behaviors of such people like Bill Clinton and other powerful figures in the Democratic Party. These were people that should have been put in prison but their crimes were overlooked because they were Democrats. People like Hillary Clinton and her criminal record has never been brought to light because she is being covered by the Democrat criminals in the House and the Senate. This marks a new beginning for the morals of the Democratic Convention as they endorse criminal behavior and seek to incriminate the innocent.

The other side of the criminal Democratic mindset is that they do not care about the victims like they say they do. They want to protect their criminal members and make people believe that they are innocent except they are guilty of heinous crimes against the people of the United States. The Democrats use people and pay them off to falsely accuse innocent people of the very crimes that they are guilty of.

This kind of duplicity is seen in the story of Brett Kavanaugh and his accuser of misconduct. There were no supporting facts regarding these allegations that came from his accuser or from the Democratic Party that did not want him on the bench. Kavanaugh’s attacker now is going after Al Franken and crying that he is now being treated unfairly for his proven misconduct towards women. Even the dumb Democrats are crying out in defense of Franken. It is like they want him back even though he has been proven guilty of the crimes.

Kavanaugh’s accuser couldn’t make a false crime against Kavanaugh so now she is defending a known moral violator. She is even going after Kirsten Gillibrand for her part in taking down Franken. These ridiculous actions on her part and the dumb Democrats only show that Franken was being used to build a case against Trump. Franken was the scapegoat that the liars of the Democratic Party would use to show that they don’t condone that kind of behavior while secretly protecting the Clinton’s and others that have committed these crimes.

But now that they are seeing the attack against Trump has failed they want Franken back on their side. This is very destructive behavior and sets an undesirable model for future generations of politics. The next generation is seeing this kind of behavior and is being led to believe that it is acceptable to do as long as they do not get caught.

The idiotic Democrats are guilty of crying out against certain behaviors while at the same time secretly indulging their demented minds on the very evil behaviors they vocally cry out against. This kind of behaviorism is not just limited to sexual abuse but also it can be seen in the racism problem.

The Democrats denounce racism but at the same time violate the freedoms and rights of people of color all over the country. Ilhan Omar is a prime example of this as she has violently attacked the nation of Israel and refused to apologize to them for what she said. The Democratic Party praised her for the word she said. The world has seen first hand the terrible behaviors and beliefs of the Democratic Party.


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