Americans Wake up to the Lies Fauci and Dr. Jill Have Shoved Down the Throats of Americans

When Dr. Fauci and “Dr. Jill” arrived in Harlem recently, they probably expected a hero’s welcome. Little did they know what they had coming to them. The people who were on the scene for their big arrival were not there to give them their flowers and tell them how wonderful they are.

They were getting booed! It was a sight for sore eyes, that is for sure. “Fauci you got your talking points from the CCP,” the crowd jeered. It’s so funny to watch these two, as they learn how unpopular that they are in real-time. There was even a chant to have Fauci fired, which is about as heartwarming as it gets.

Once Dr. Fauci e-mails were finally released to the general public, they should have expected a major shift in the public sentiment. He did not offer us any candor or useful information over the course of the past year. Instead, he developed a very paternalistic relationship with the rest of America.

When Papa Fauci said that it was time to jump, we didn’t even get a chance to ask him how high. Instead, we were expected to immediately start jumping and not to stop until he gave us the go-ahead. Anyone who thinks that he was ever going to stop the tyranny was deluded.

We know exactly what he thought was going to happen. He was going to be able to truly live it up once the mean old orange man was out of his hair. If not for that miserable, meddling Trump, he would have gotten away with it for sure. Sorry for the Scooby-Doo reference but that’s how he makes us feel.

He’s a cartoon villain who thinks that the people care one iota about what he has to say at this point. Even Biden is probably starting to get to a point where he is rolling his eyes and getting sick of listening to him. Now that nearly half of America is vaccinated, it is time to start figuring out where we go from here.

It is time to be optimistic and remind people that the glass is half full. In fact, we blame Dr. Fauci for a lot of the vaccine hesitancy. He’s the one who basically made it seem as if no one was going to be able to return to their normal lives, even if they received their jabs. No wonder there are still a sizable number of holdouts at the moment!

We are trying our best to remain optimistic at the moment that we will one day reach the proper threshold for vaccinations but that does not mean that we need to barricade ourselves indoors until that day finally arrives. Dr. Fauci is discouraging Americans from using their common sense in the proper manner and it is sad to see. He and he alone gets to make decisions, while the rest of us are stuck waiting around for the mighty ruler to issue his latest decree.

If you are anything like us, videos like these are sure to make you feel a little bit better about the state of the country. Near as we can tell, there are lots and lots of people out there who feel the same way that we do. They are just as tired of Dr. Fauci’s nonsense as we are. How can people be expected to do the right thing when they are being told that it is not going to matter anyhow?

That’s the question that no one has had an answer to and they did not seem too interested in providing any sort of transparency when they arrived in Harlem. We already know what they thought would happen. The cheers and hooray that they had hoped for are being replaced by a severe mistrust. That’s too bad for them but it is a great thing for the rest of the country.


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