And They Want to Run Healthcare for All of Us?

And They Want to Run Healthcare for All of Us?

The Democratic caucus was expected to go off without a hitch but Republicans knew better. It seems like everything that the Democratic party touches falls apart, doesn’t it? Of course, they could not get through the first caucus without having difficulties. The app that they developed as a means of counting the votes is not working.

There are still no results to be provided at the current moment. The Democrats were forced to head to bed last night without offering any sort of confirmation as to who won and who lost. What a disaster! The Fox News crew could barely contain their laughter when they started to report on what had taken place.

We cannot say that we blame them. After all, this is a pretty comical turn of events. Bret Baier said that he had been waiting on hold for an hour, ready to report the results. Martha MacCallum got a good chuckle out of the fact that Democratic precinct chairs were being asked to take photographs of their results and drive them to another location.

It’s 2020 and there is still no agreed upon technology in these instances. We cannot stop laughing ourselves. You would think that the Democrats would spend their money more wisely. Instead, they have an app that does not work and a party full of candidates that are trying their best to manipulate the current situation in their own favor.

This is the type of stuff that you simply cannot make up. Trump had a field day with this information when he woke up this morning, too. How are the Democrats going to come for the presidency when they are struggling with these sorts of simple tasks? If counting eludes them, how are they going to carry out any of their other plans?

For example, these are the people who claim that they are ready to take on a complete overhaul of the nation’s medical procedures. Medicare for All has been a hot button item on this year’s agenda. How is an American citizen supposed to place their trust in this party when they are struggling to handle the easiest tasks of all? This news has to be disconcerting for anyone on the left side of the aisle.

The spin doctors are surely going to try their best to make things look better but this is a tough pill to swallow. Now, all of the candidates are trying to claim victory. Bernie Sanders and his team say that they have their own app and that they were prepared for this sort of nonsense to happen.

What does that say for the Democrats when a leading candidate of their own party comes out and says that they do not have the most basic form of trust? It shows that the party is failing and flailing at every turn. Even Mayor Pete is trying to claim that he was actually the winner last night. No matter what happens, someone is going to come out of this looking even more foolish.

The corruption that is taking place in real time is hard to ignore, isn’t it? Let the same thing happen with the Republican party and the Democrats would be crowing in the same manner. They need to learn to take it as well as they dish it out, that is for sure.

There is simply no good spin to put on this. It is a total disaster and all of the mockery that is going to take place is well deserved. How does a party that wants to position themselves as the nation’s best bet for a brighter future fail to develop a simple app that can count votes?

This seems like a no brainer to us. Trump has to be sitting back and laughing, as the Republicans were able to easily count their votes. He took 97 percent of the vote and the Republican turnout was rather impressive. It’s especially impressive when you stop to consider the fact that this was a non competitive primary that did not require a strong turnout from any of the Republican voters in question.

Experts are now wondering if it is time to do away with the caucus altogether. They seem to become more and more of a sideshow with each passing year and do not offer very much in the way of valuable information. Maybe the Democrats can find a new and interesting way to mess up the vote counting process in the months and years to come. We are definitely on the edge of our seats waiting!


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