Another Restaurant Comes Out Of Closet As A Christian Organization

Another Restaurant Comes Out Of Closet As A Christian Organization

Society today can turn on a company in no time at all. It makes it hard for companies to feel as though they can be their true selves. They hide their beliefs in order to show the American public that they are capable of being just as secular as everyone else. However, every now and then, a company shows that they are willing to be who they are without caring about what others might think.

In-N-Out Burger has decided to embrace Christianity and come out as a Christian organization. Chick-Fil-A has been a Christian organization since the beginning, even choosing to close on Sundays. While some of society gives them flack for it, others back the company even more so for being firm in their beliefs.

Anyone who really knows about In-N-Out Burger knows that they’re a Christian establishment. They haven’t been overly secretive about it. In fact, anyone who looks will see that John 3:16 is printed on the bottom of all of their fountain soda cups.

Now, however, Lynsi Snyder, the owner of the burger chain, has come out publicly to let everyone known how much Christ means to her and her company.

Snyder was interviewed by The Christian Post. She spoke about her life being on a downward spiral until she came to Christ. She left behind a life of drug and alcohol addiction, physical abuse, and broken marriages. She knew that she needed Jesus to fill the hole in her heart.

Snyder wanted to do more than just print a verse on the cups. She wanted to share more of the Bible verses since she believes that the Bible has so much knowledge to impart to people. As such, she has made the decision to include more verses on products – including Proverbs 24:16 and Luke 6:35.

Her Uncle Rich was the one responsible for putting Bible verses on wrappers and cups prior to passing away. She loved how that added a touch of faith to the brand. Since then, there have been verses on not only cups but also fry boats.

Beyond Bible verses, Snyder has also created an organization known as “Army of Love.” It helps to provide emotional support to those who are in need. When her third marriage fell apart, she was in emotional need. She wasn’t in a place where she could do ministry because her heart was a mess. Her husband and she were in constant turmoil. She wanted to be used by God despite her circumstances. She heard Isaiah 61 in her head one day where it talks about binding the brokenhearted. It spoke to her – and this organization makes it possible to unite ministries and supporting churches.

Today, Snyder lives her life by the power of Christ as opposed to simply looking to Christ when she needs something. She talks about how He shouldn’t be a plug-in. Rather, we should be plugged into Him at all times.

The bravery that Snyder has shown with bringing In-N-Out fully out as a Christian organization is important. In today’s day and age, it takes a lot for a CEO to proclaim their faith and love of Christ. Unfortunately, many companies face backlash for doing so, which is why so many choose to stay silent.

Chick-Fil-A, although blatantly Christian, continues to fight battles because they follow scripture. That being said, they’re the third most successful fast-food chain in the United States.

Now that In-N-Out has shared who they are, it allows people to see what the company is all about. Further, it shows just how Christian the organization and the CEO are because they are not denying Christ. Too many Christians fail to remember that in Matthew 10:22, it says that anyone who denies Christ before Man may be denied “before my Father who is in Heaven.”

Snyder doesn’t want to deny her faith in front of man. She wants everyone to know what kind of place they’re going to when they walk into an In-N-Out Burger or go through the drive-thru. They’re going to a Christian organization that unapologetically prints scriptures on cups, fry boats, and wrappers. There will likely be more sharing of scripture, too, as the organization decides to share important messages with its customers from the Bible.

With two major food chains now showing that it’s okay to be Christian in today’s society, there’s no telling what other CEOs will decide to courageously step out and announce that they, too, are a Christian organization who doesn’t want to deny their faith in front of Man any longer.


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