Anthony Weiner and Huma Abedin Together Again?

Anthony Weiner and Huma Abedin Together Again?

Of all the events that one could not have expected, the apparent reconciliation of Anthony Weiner, former rising political star and convicted sex pervert, and Huma Abedin, Hillary Clinton gal pal had to be in the top ten. The UK Daily Mail sets the scene:

“Anthony Weiner has moved back in with Huma Abedin, can exclusively reveal.”

“The 54-year-old was seen rolling boxes and designer garment bags into the Hillary Clinton aide’s home over the weekend. Weiner never lived in the lower Manhattan apartment where Huma moved with their seven-year-old son Jordan soon after the disgraced politician went to prison. Weiner didn’t have any help as he used a trolley to cart in his belongings, wearing a white tank top, shorts and sneakers as he made several trips inside the building.”

The only reaction that comes to mind is, Why? In the name of God, why?

Weiner, as the gentle reader may remember, had been climbing up the greasy pole of American politics when the guilty pleasure of sexting underage girls finally fetched him a stretch in prison. He started as an aid to them Congressman Chuck Schumer in the late 1980s. Then he became a member of the New York City Council before being elected to Congress for the seat held by his former boss Schumer, who had run for and was elected to the United States Senate. He made two unsuccessful runs for Mayor of New York, once in 2005 and the other in 2013.

The first sexting scandal took place in 2011 when a photo of an “explicit nature” showed up in a Twitter link he had sent to a female admirer. Weiner claimed initially that some hacker must have done it, but then he was obliged to fess up and resign from Congress.

The second sexting incident took place in 2013, around the time that Weiner ran for mayor the second time, which he sent under the num du plume “Carlos Danger.” His run for mayor was effectively derailed.

The third incident involved a 15-year girl in 2016, which sent Weiner to prison and a lifelong designation as a sex offender. He spent 21 months behind bars and left a half-way house in May 2019.

Weiner, by all accounts, appears to have recognized that he is no longer likely to have a political career, even in the deep blue state of New York. He is said to be angling for a book deal and is looking for investors in a marijuana business. Meanwhile, it looks like he will be living with his former wife and their seven-year-old son.

Or is he?

People Magazine has another version of the story.

“They are most certainly not back together,’ says a friend of the former couple, explaining that what tabloid photographers captured was Weiner removing some of his belongings from his estranged wife’s home. “Those were not boxes going in. They were old boxes going out.”

Hot Air has also raised the question as to whether Weiner and Abedin are actually divorced or not.

If, as seems possible from most of the media accounts, that one of the most celebrated power couples in Clinton-world is back together, the question of why has to be answered. Is it because married couples can’t testify against one another? Hot Air has an interesting and simple explanation:

“Maybe it’s this simple: The heart wants what it wants. And sometimes what it wants is a lanky progressive geek afflicted with a compulsion to have virtual sex with women without worrying too much about their age. Let he who hasn’t reconciled with a convicted sex offender cast the first stone.”

After all, Abedin’s bestie and role model in all things have had to put up with far worse from her husband. At least Weiner has never actually touched any of his victims.

Another irony comes from the apparent fact that being a drug dealer (albeit legal) is less disreputable in the state of New York than being a politician. After all, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez graduated from dispensing drinks to misunderstood husbands and lonely business travelers to having Anthony Weiner’s old job as a member of Congress. In a way, that is too bad. Politically, Weiner was the more sensible alternative to the man who won the race as mayor of New York City, one Bill de Blasio, who has run the place into the ground and is now trying to do the same to the whole country as a candidate for president.

And the gentle reader knows that the book will be a monster bestseller and the movie version a hit. The story sells itself.


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