AOC Complains About Too Many Choices for Health Insurance Plans

AOC Complains About Too Many Choices for Health Insurance Plans

Rep Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-New York has a new complaint regarding health insurance. It seems that under Obamacare, which members of Congress must enroll, too many choices exist for her to easily figure out. She tweeted:

“Members of Congress also have to buy their plans off the exchange. They are Gold plans that are partially subsidized. That means I get to ‘choose’ btwn 66 complex financial products. This is absurd. No person should go without healthcare, &no one should go through this, either.”

AOC has found a new reason to favor Medicare for All. The system she proposes would pretty much remove choice from Americans who need health insurance and would impose a one size fits all arrangement. Still, advice exists for people who have to choose between different versions of health insurance. Nerdwallet suggests following a step by step procedure for those people who do not have health insurance through their employer or Medicaid or Medicare.

First, if you are AOC, you need to go to the Healthcare.Gov website and enter your zip code. You’ll be sent to a state or federal exchange.

Next, look at the various types of healthcare plans that are available, PPOs, HMOs, etc. Each of those types of plans has advantages and disadvantages. You should make sure that your primary care doctor is in the network for the plan unless you mind changing him or her. Check out the premiums, copays, and deductibles. You might consider a high deductible plan that allows you to open a healthcare savings account. A balance exists between the amount of the monthly premium and how much medical costs are covered.

You should also check to see what gets covered under a plan you are considering. Some plans have good emergency care while others might have better mental health coverage, A lot depends on your age, healthcare needs, and family history of illnesses such as cancer and cardiovascular disease.

If like AOC, you are still confused, healthcare plans usually have a help desk that you can call and ask further questions. If you are choosing between plans from your place of work, someone in Human Resources should be of help.

Rep. Ocasio-Cortez came in for some amount of mocking by a lot of people on Twitter. Chris Jacobs, the author of a book entitled “The Case Against Single Payor Healthcare” noted that AOC has 66 options because of the special privileges that member of Congress and their staffs carved out for themselves when the Affordable Care Act was first passed. For practical purposes, most people who are obliged to go on the Obamacare exchanges have far fewer choices. And don’t get Jacobs started on the high costs of Obamacare compliant plans because of what he and many other people regard as unnecessary mandates.

Most of the rest of the mocking consisted of attacks on AOC’s intelligence and sense of entitlement. The cost of her healthcare is subsidized, which means that the taxpayers get to pay for it.

Others, such as well-known poster Frank Luntz, noted that AOC had come out against Obamacare. Obamacare, when it was first advanced, was designed to solve the problem of people who were going without health insurance. The resulting public policy disaster has been well documented in several other venues, such as the Senate Republican Policy Committee. High costs, both in premiums and taxes, millions having been kicked off their previous plans, and a loss of competition and choice combined to make healthcare insurance in the United States worse, not better.

AOC argues that the problems that she is having with Obamacare mean that the United States has to transfer to a single-payer Medicare for All system. That way the government would take over sorting out the myriad of choices that exists even under Obamacare and people would not have to worry about the advantages and disadvantages of this plan or that.

The RPC argues that the last thing the country needs to do is to give the same people who devised Obamacare even more control over how Americans seek healthcare services. “– consumer-friendly, market-driven health care should remain the goal.”

AOC scoffs at this idea.

“They’re also upset that I stated 66 ‘choices’ is too many. It is! Healthcare is not H&M. Insurance is a complex financial product for the doctor. Costs are skyrocketing largely due to the financialization of our health. Streamlining our system & covering more isn’t a bad thing.”


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