Are You Kidding? Pensacola Military Base Is A Gun Free Zone?

Are You Kidding? Pensacola Military Base Is A Gun Free Zone?

The recent shooting at a Pensacola FL military establishment revealed more than a few disturbing facts but nothing more so than the fact that this military facility is a gun-free zone. If you weren’t aware, this isn’t the only such military facility with such an incredulous no-weapons policy.

In case you didn’t hear about it, there was a recent shooting at a Military establishment in Pensacola, Florida. According to one story covering the shooting, “…a gunman opened fire Friday morning in Pensacola, killing three innocents and causing numerous others to be transported to the hospital for injuries.”

This attack on a facility manned by our U.S. Armed Forces, think about that nomenclature for a moment, begs one question. It is the question that keeps coming back and it is a question that has to be asked every other time an event like this has happened. As our story sadly reminded us, this isn’t the first time such an attack was made on a designated ‘no-gun’ military installation.

That question is simply this: would these attacks have ever even happened if this wasn’t a gun-free zone? 

It isn’t that hard to imagine walking up to the gates or the security shack to see armed military personnel. It isn’t hard to imagine seeing officers and other military members walking from one place to another across the base, with their government-issued 9mm strapped to their sides. What is more difficult to imagine, is the same willingness to try and even sneak a gun in as these armed servicemen and women are looking back at you. How much less inclined would an assailant or would-be assailant be as they are surrounded by armed military service people?

It is almost too hard to fathom, an unarmed military, and it almost defies by defintion, the word military. It also defies logic, common sense, and most importantly, it defies the idea that removing guns keeps us safer. Look, it is understandable at least if mom or dad isn’t comfortable with a bunch of pistol carrying and gun-toting people hanging around the park where their kids play. It isn’t crazy to perhaps feel a little uneasy if there are people with guns strapped to their hips like we lived in the wild west. But this isn’t that situation.

To take firearms out of the hands of our military, to take weapons from the hands of those who we turn to protect and defend us? Are they going to use rocks and sticks?

Our aforementioned story expressed those ideas as well saying, “… men and women who have signed up for years of service to use advanced weaponry–including fully automatic weapons, guided missiles, drones with precision striking capability, and numerous other mechanisms–are forbidden from carrying a handgun on the station for self-defense.”

The gunman opened fire after sneaking a handgun onto the base and that fact shouldn’t go without being noted either. This wasn’t an assault weapon or a fully automatic rifle, it was a handgun. So where are all the cries from the anti-gunners about making us safer by adding more weapons restrictions and banning certain automatic weapons?

To make matters worse and only to add to the absolute lack of sense behind making military institutions gun-free, is the fact that military bases are also known terrorist targets. In layman terms that is the essence of putting a big bullseye on someone as we take their means of defending themselves away.

We can’t be inconsiderate of those who suffered the greatest from this attack. The policy isn’t responsible for the evil and the sick plans of people like the gunman at Pensacola. A good policy, the right policy, and a policy that makes sense, however, wouldn’t hurt. That isn’t what the military establishment in Pensacola and at many other locations across the country have in place.

Good gun laws are smart gun laws. Effective gun policies should make us safer, not more vulnerable. In fact, our story began by saying, “the December 6, 2019, Naval Air Station Pensacola attack reminded us once more that gun-free policies on military installations make U.S. troops sitting ducks.”

As it was sadly proven once again, they are right.


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