At the Midnight Hour Iran Injecting Over 1000 Centrifuges With Uranium Gas

At the Midnight Hour Iran Injecting Over 1000 Centrifuges With Uranium Gas

At the stroke of midnight, Iran put forth their plan into action.  Their goal is to have over 1,000 centrifuges injected with uranium gas at a location described as a “fortified underground bunker.” Precisely 1,044 will be injected according to the spokesman for the Atomic Energy Organization of Iran, Behrouz Kamalvandi.  He stated, “The 1,044 devices at the Fordo facility will be pumped with gas beginning at midnight, and will be used to enrich uranium up to 4.5 percent.”  This will be the furthest step away from the nuclear agreement with the world.  The limit allowed is 3.67 percent for enriching uranium.

The level allowed by the world powers is what is considered to be peaceful.  The 4.5 percent level will enable Iran to restore its nuclear power plant, which could be the warning signs of a nuclear bomb.  This defiance comes as retaliation against not only the Trump administration but the world.  When the nuclear deal was made in 2015, Iran agreed they would not operate the Fordo centrifuges.  Iran officials claim what they are doing is “reversible” should the E.U. allow Iran to retake their claim to sell their oil and bypass the U.S. sanctions.

The announcement came Tuesday from Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani.  He posted on Twitter, “Iran’s 4th step in reducing its commitments under the JCPOA by injecting gas to 1044 centrifuges begins today. Thanks to U.S. policy and its allies, Fordow will soon be back to full operation.  Starting today, Iran does not keep its enriched uranium and produced heavy water limited.  The EU/E3+2 will face Iran’s further actions if they can not fulfill their obligations within the next 60 days and secure Iran’s interest.  Win-Win conditions will be accepted.”  The Atomic Energy Organisation of Iran state, “The gas injection began after midnight at Fordo, a facility built under a mountain north of the Shiite holy city of Qom. A UN official from the IAEA witnessed the injection.”

U.S. State Department spokeswoman Morgan Ortagus rebuked Iran’s decision to move forward with their intentions and stated, “Iran originally built Fordo as a fortified, underground bunker in which to conduct secret uranium enrichment work.  Iran has no credible reason to expand its uranium enrichment program, at the Fordo facility or elsewhere, other than a clear attempt at nuclear extortion that will only deepen its political and economic isolation.”  The European Union’s spokeswoman Maja Kocijancic also stated they are “concerned by Iran’s decision.”

In 2009, Iran admitted the Fordo’s existence and assured the world it was only going to be used for peaceful reasons.  But can we really trust Iran?  The evidence they have shown the world leaves us to believe the answer is HELL NO!!!  Firing up the nuclear power plant with as much uranium as they are using has only one purpose, and we all know what that is.  The building of an atomic bomb is imminent among the enemies we cannot trust.

While all this was taking place, the Atomic Energy Organisation of Iran stated the nation had blocked the IAEA inspector from entering the location at Natanz.  Iran officials said, “An alarm went off while the woman tried to enter the facility, causing officials there to stop her from going in.”  It was stated this was the first time Iran did not comply with the inspectors, which means not only did the inspector not complete her task, but it leaves a bad taste in the mouth of the world.  Something fishy is definitely going on in the underground bunker, and Iran’s president sounded just like a threat of nuclear war in his Twitter post.

Everything has been tense among the nations since President Trump pulled the United States out of the nuclear deal and placed upon Iran sanctions without mercy.  Iran’s economy is crumbling, and they refuse to back down and cut a deal.  Much hope has been lost as they seemed to have buried any chance of stopping their nuclear program with their recent expansion.  Iran’s state TV put out this announcement, “Iran has taken its fourth step to decrease its nuclear commitments to the deal in reaction to the increased US pressure and inactivity of European parties to the deal to save it.”

President Trump will not play games with the Iran leader, and he has already stated he wouldn’t.  In fact, there will come a fury from the United States Military, which could wipe Iran off the map.


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