Barack Tries to Parent Kids on TikTok with Pro Vaccination Message

Remember when kids under the age of 18 had to ask parent permission for things? Now, it appears that former President Barack Obama wants to talk directly to kids. Forget about the parents…they apparently don’t get a say in medical issues pertaining to their kids.

Obama has decided that he’d be the most successful by going onto TikTok. Since that’s the social media platform most commonly used by the demographic of 16 to 34 (80% of users are in this age range), he figured he’d be able to talk to them about the COVID-19 vaccinations.

Let’s forget about the fact that TikTok may or may not have ties to Communist China. Let’s forget that it may be an issue of national security. Let’s even forget that a former president feels that he’s entitled to talk to an entire generation of kids without the presence of their parents on an issue that most certainly should be made as a family.

He addresses everyone by saying “It’s Barack” as if they’re all old pals. Then, he goes on to say that as every American over the age of 16 is now eligible for the COVID-19 vaccine, “I want to talk about you getting yours.”

The 35-second video makes a bunch of false claims. At no point does he urge teens to talk it over with their parents or encourage them to even tell their parents.

Essentially, the former president has decided that he’ll give a nudge to the younger generation by going onto TikTok. He’ll simply go around millions of parents by acting as though he’s pals with the Generation Z-ers.

Is Obama this out of touch with reality? It doesn’t matter whether he’s the president or not. At the age of 59, he’s the same age as some of the Generation Z-ers parents or grandparents. He’s not their friend. He’s not even their president. What he says doesn’t matter.

The Biden administration has run into a snag. They’re almost at the point where those who are eager to get vaccinated have already been vaccinated. And, they’re not even at 50%. It likely has a lot to do with the mixed messages of Dr. Fauci. After all, if people get vaccinated, will the masks go away or not?

Obama talks to everyone in the video as though what he says matters to the younger generation. He mentions that he and Michelle have both been vaccinated. So what? There’s a big difference between a 59-year-old being vaccinated and a 16-year-old getting vaccinated.

Why should 16-year-olds focus on getting the COVID shot? What’s in it for them?

This is when Obama tries to use a few scare tactics. He says that “the only way” to get back to everything we love, such as going to concerts and watching live sports, is by getting vaccinated.

Really, though?

He makes it sound as though teens won’t get to go to concerts and sporting events unless they get vaccinated. It’s simply not true. Right now, states are banning the notion of a vaccination passport. And, many states are already open at 100% capacity without the need to wear face masks.

Teens are already back in high school. They can go to various sporting events. They can go to Disney. They can go to the movie theatres.

The only thing that Obama is doing is trying to create a workaround by leaving the parents out of the equation. He feels that if he can scare enough teens, they’ll just go to get their vaccines without telling mom and dad.

How will that work? When teens suddenly go to get vaccinated and run a fever after the second shot or experience some side effects, parents shouldn’t know? This is just between “me and my former president?” Give us a break…

The Biden administration has used some questionable tactics to get people vaccinated. However, sending Obama onto TikTok may be the one that reeks the most of desperation.


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