Bernie Bros Send Infowars Staffer to Hospital in Violent Attack

Bernie Bros Send Infowars Staffer to Hospital in Violent Attack

Senator Bernie Sanders has been catching flack for the actions of his supporters as of late. The Bernie Bros are coming under fire for how they conduct themselves online. Unfortunately, they have started to act on their violent and hateful rhetoric. This is a major problem that needs to be addressed before it is too late.

Judging by what recently took place, the time for action may have already come and gone. These supporters are now taking their behavior to a new and disgusting level. A member of the Infowars crew was physically attacked by a group of Sanders supporters in a very saddening incident. Is the country that we are going to live in?

If Bernie somehow manages to win the upcoming election, we shudder to think of what is going to happen next. These people are going to engage in an orgy of violence and destruction that would make even the most hardened anarchist blush. The attack took place at a rally in Texas over the weekend.

The Infowars crew member that was attacked by the Bernie Bros had to be taken to the hospital soon after, as they were in need of stitches. If you are anything like us, you are wondering when this type of behavior is going to be checked. Bullies always run amok until they run into a bully that is even bigger and badder than they are.

We are headed for a major confrontation when the rest of the country finally says enough. Bernie Bros might feel big and bad when they are able to gang up on people like this. What happens when the situation is reversed, though? We do not condone violence of any kind but there is only so much that people are going to be willing to take before they finally step up to the challenge.

The idea that you could be hurt, injured or even killed for believing differently is not one that America should allow to flourish. We hope that this type of behavior is strongly punished as soon as possible so that the Bernie supporters are sent a clear message about their thuggish behavior.

Infowars host Owen Shroyer decided to head to the rally and to be fair, the crew was antagonizing Bernie supporters. He was yelling pro-Trump slogans through a bullhorn and it was clear to see that this would not end well for any of the parties involved. This is what the political climate has wrought. Everyone is taking to the streets, in search of a confrontation.

The leftists who were present got upset by his presence but Shroyer was not about to stop. That does not mean that violence should be allowed. These supporters were finally able to draw blood and we are sure that their insatiable lust for confrontation is not going to end there. The radical, violent behavior goes against everything that they are currently claiming to stand for.

The left being hypocritical? Why, you could have knocked us over with a feather! That is not like them at all. All sarcasm aside, this is disconcerting. No one should be hit in the face with a bullhorn. Rallies like these are supposed to provide supporters with the chance to learn more about their chosen candidates and meet with like-minded individuals.

It is not an excuse to behave like a violent gang. Have these people lost all of their morals? Maybe they never even had any to begin with. We are starting to have severe doubts that the upcoming election will take place without a string of violent acts like this one occurring.

Shroyer’s security guard is the one who took the brunt of the bullhorn attack and it took several stitches to close the wound. The left has officially become radical, in case you did not know that already. Will they take to the streets and start throwing punches at Trump supporters if the election does not go their way? What happens if Sanders is not able to win the nomination? Maybe other leftists will be attacked!

All of this would have sounded so farcical just a few short years ago but now? It is merely a part of American life. We expect to see this type of stuff when we watch the news now. The Democrats are already planning to steal the nomination from Bernie Sanders again. If the current state of affairs is any indication, we need to be prepared for an extreme amount of violence once it is time for the nomination is announced.


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