Biden Can’t Decide Who to Listen to About Foreign Refugees

Typically, it’s the president making the decisions. After all, he’s the one the people voted for. He’s the one who is supposed to be representing the will of the American people.

The problem with President Biden is that he’s incapable of making decisions. He’s barely capable of speaking coherently. And, he’s got various people within his administration pulling his puppet strings in different directions.

He’s being pulled by the left-wing Democrats who would rather shove the country into socialism. And, he’s being pulled by the moderates who want to keep the country intact.

As a result of being pulled in so many ways, Biden can’t answer simple questions, like what is the White House policy on foreign refugees?

It seems as though Kamala Harris is ready to open the borders and roll out the red carpet for as many foreign refugees as who want to enter. Meanwhile, Biden pointed to Harris as the one who has to fix the problem and limit the number of people entering the country.

What is being said and what is being done are two entirely different things.

The border crisis is only getting worse – and it’s becoming more of a humanitarian crisis by the day.

The Biden administration doesn’t want to acknowledge the crisis. As such, the media has stopped covering it because it’s making Biden look bad. After all, it’s hard to put a positive spin on overcrowding, immigrant children in cages, and a constant flow of people crossing the border – all without being given hearing dates or even COVID tests.

What’s being done about the foreign refugees?

Well, the White House doesn’t want to answer any questions. Instead, they’d like to continue doing what they do best – pointing the finger. Jen Psaki, the White House Press Secretary, has decided to blame the surge of immigrants once again on the Trump administration.

Psaki is forgetting one important detail: Biden reversed all of the Trump orders. The entire surge at the border is because Biden invited everyone.

And, rather than forcing Kamala Harris to do the job she was tasked to do, Biden’s going to pretend as though she’s doing it. Yet, if she were doing it, he wouldn’t be talking about raising the cap on refugees.

What is the cap? Well, Trump had it set at a low number. Biden reversed that number – and now he seems to be raising it. Of course, he has no choice but to raise it because there are so many refugees entering the country and no one is being turned away.

Every time Biden is pressed for a number having to do with the cap, he seems to be fluid. It all depends on whether it’s the left-wing liberals or the moderates who are pulling his puppet strings at the time.

Biden has yet to be a reliable source for understanding what is going on. Since he’s the president, he has to be the most reliable source. No one else seems to be talking. We certainly can’t depend on Psaki to tell us anything – we’re still waiting on her to circle back on half a dozen other issues.

We have no idea what’s happening or what’s going to happen next because Biden isn’t capable of coherent thought. He’s not guiding the train wreck – and no one knows where the fallout is going to be.

They don’t want the wall, yet they’re fixing gaps where people are flowing in. They want to end deportations while shipping out new arrivals.

If the border crisis is going to be dealt with in any capacity, Biden has to choose a puppet master. Only then can we even decide whether we like the way that the crisis is being handled.

The first 100 days should be a good indication of what we can expect – constant confusion for the next four years. Perhaps in 2024, we can get a president who will finally put an end to the constant flow of foreign refugees.


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