Biden Continues to Blame Vladimir Putin for His Oil Price Crisis

William Potter /

Joe Biden loves to blame people for his mistakes and bad judgment calls. The gas prices in America continue to soar at record levels. The president has blamed just about everyone but himself. At one point, he tried to blame Donald Trump for the high prices, and he blamed another federal agency for failure to do the math correctly. He continues to blame Vladimir Putin and the war for the high prices.

The old man cannot come to grips with the fact that he is to blame. He refuses to let American-based oil companies drill for oil which would be more than enough to get the price under control. The issue is not big oil overcharging people or Congress’s inability to work together. The issue is that Joe Biden wants to destroy the country and turn it into another failed socialist country.

Jennifer Granholm is the Energy Secretary serving under Joe Biden. She admitted that suspending the gas tax still would not be enough to solve the issue. Joe Biden has been pushing Congress to do something to counter the blunders that he keeps on putting out. Granholm tried to make it sound like it was a good idea even though she admitted it would not be enough.

The White House does not have a plan for the future of America. Biden and his administration are trying to drag out a plan to do as much damage to the country as possible.

Newsbreak reported that Biden said “We could have turned a blind eye to Putin’s murderous ways. The price of gas wouldn’t have spiked the way it has. I believe that would have been wrong.”

But Biden has turned away from the war because he could have done more to keep people from going through the horrors of a Russian invasion. But that would have meant that he would have to take a stand for freedom which is against his nature.

The president even went as far as to send a letter to the oil companies demanding that they drill more and give up their profit for the public. He failed to understand that many companies had already been doing what he demanded.

Newsbreak reported that “Biden asked oil companies to increase refining capacity and pass ‘every penny’ of their savings from the proposed gas tax holiday on to consumers. Earlier Wednesday he called for a three-month suspension of the 18-cent-per-gallon federal gas tax, but it seems unlikely to pass in Congress.”

The Democratic Party and its clueless leader want to continue to talk about the problem. They want to drag the issue through the mud long enough for the high prices to take a toll on the American people.

Biden thinks that the public wants relief from something that he created. The truth is that the people want the heart of the problem to step down and leave the White House. People want the old man to stop interfering with their lives and let people make their own choices.

The president wants to see legislation passed that would address the gas issue. But the issue itself is another way the nasty Democrats can hide their progressive agenda. They lost the cover of the pandemic, creating another crisis to bully the people.

Biden has also thought that providing gas cards to people would be helpful. But his idea is another failed attempt to treat the symptoms and not deal with the heart of the problem. A few measly dollars is not going to solve the issue. When the gas cards reach zero dollars, people will be right back to where they started by having to pay high prices.

The gas tax suspension idea will create a deficit for highway funding. The gas tax is used to keep the roadways maintained. Biden blindly thinks he can keep working on the roads without funding the projects from the gas tax. His shortsightedness will plunge America into another crisis that will never be solved until a Republican takes back the White House.