Biden Fossilizes Offshore Drilling As Gas Prices Soar Out of Control

sad agus/

The fossilization of the oil industry is high on President Joe Biden’s list of things to do. His love for environmentalism only overshadows his natural-born hatred for the country’s prosperity. Combining the two passions keeps the old man motivated to destroy fossil fuel mining and energy production so he can usher in a new era of fabricated energy sources that appear renewable but must be powered by oil and gas.

The greatest lie ever told by a Democratic president is that there is a climate problem, and humanity is the reason for the trouble. And all the efforts to save the world are based on that lie. But every plan the liberals come up with fails to address the underlying issue of failing to plan for the change. They want a rapid jump to the end without slowly changing the current energy production methods to match up with their plan.

The reluctance of Joe Biden to allow offshore drilling is a sign that he wants to ban the practice altogether. He is content to sit back and let the old leases expire while at the same time refusing to approve new ones.

Fox Business reported that the period for discussion on the topic has ended. But in reality, the Biden administration used the 90-day period to appease the opposition. And now that the period has ended, he can move forward and destroy former President Donald Trump’s previous proposal on drilling contracts.

Cole Ramsey is the vice president of upstream policy at the American Petroleum Institute. Fox News quoted him as saying, “The ability of U.S. producers to provide more oil and natural gas supplies to the world market has also changed geopolitical dynamics for the better, resulting in greater energy security for the U.S. and its allies, in addition to global environmental benefits. Given the current global circumstances, a strong offshore leasing program has rarely been more essential to our energy security.”

The president wants to destroy the offshore drilling sector because it would weaken America and put the country in a position where it would have to depend on foreign nations for energy supply. Foreign powers would essentially have the power to dictate policies within America. All they would have to do to control what America does is stop sending oil and gas to the country, and everything would shut down.

Frank Macchiarola is API’s senior vice president of policy, economics, and regulatory affairs. He told Fox Business, “Every previous administration, whether Republican or Democrat, has recognized the strategic advantages of U.S. offshore domestic energy and fulfilled their statutory obligation to maintain an offshore leasing program and continuously hold lease sales. Yet, the Biden administration has failed to address current and future U.S. energy needs.”

Macchiarola’s admission is further proof that Biden is anti-American. The president’s policies as designed to wage an internal war against the greatness of America. He cannot stand to admit that the United States is the greatest nation in the world.

The only good part of Biden’s decision would be that it will essentially destroy any chance of the old man ever winning another election. He would anger voters so much that the Democratic Party would fall apart from the inside out.

Biden wants to scale back the number of offshore drilling leases from 47 to zero. He cannot bring himself to approve the number of new leases that his predecessor wanted to approve. The pressure from environmental groups is dictating the president’s policies.

The president has rigged the results, and he will do what he wants and ignore all the advice he has been given from every side of the issue. He will listen to those that give him the most money and those who have sworn their dying allegiance to his administration.

Joe Biden is determined to kill off the current energy sector and rid the country of thousands of energy jobs. He wants people to pay high prices at the pump because it gives him the power he needs to control what people do with their lives.