Biden Just Added Fuel to the Fire with a Tax Hike

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President Biden doesn’t look out for the American people. He hasn’t since the moment that he walked into the Oval Office. Most presidents look to take an “America first” approach, but not old Joe. He’s decided that Americans need to come last.

He lifted policies that kept our southern border secure.

He issued more stimulus checks to create a rocky economy.

He watched as supply chains got worse.

He pulled funding away from the military.

He required mask and vaccine mandates that destroyed businesses.

Clearly, Biden doesn’t care about the United States. He only pretends that he does so that he can continue to be a puppet for the socialists who are tugging on the strings behind the scenes.

If Biden cared, we wouldn’t be in the economic crisis that we’re in. We wouldn’t see high prices at the gas pumps and inside grocery stores. We wouldn’t be forced to pay ridiculously high housing prices, either.

Many low and middle-income families are struggling to make ends meet. Many are one more over-priced item away from losing it all.

Biden swears that he’s working as hard as he can to fix things. Yet, whenever he’s asked about the economy, he blames Trump, Putin, or anyone else within finger-pointing distance of him.

And now, there’s a new tax hike that was just implemented.

Within the trillion-dollar infrastructure package that Biden signed last year, there’s an excise tax hike that went into effect on January 1. The IRS was nice enough to provide this bit of information.

So, if you think that your grocery bills and everything else seemed expensive, buckle up because there are quite a few things that will have an even higher price tag. The tax increase will add up to approximately $13 billion.

For household items, you’ll find things like soap, plastic, lightbulbs, and electronics being affected.

The White House has been calling it the “once-in-a-generation investment” when they talk about the infrastructure package. The IRS says that the last time there was a superfund chemical excise tax in place was between 1987 and 1995.

Some of the money will go to the Superfund Trust Fund, which, according to the EPA, will help with “cleaning up some of the nation’s most contaminated land and responding to environmental emergencies, oil spills and natural disasters.”

Remember – the batteries that go into the electric cars being pushed by the Biden administration can’t be recycled. They’ll end up in a landfill, creating countless negative effects on the environment.

It’s kinda funny. The administration creates a problem, taxes us so that they can address the problem, and then pretends like they’re doing us a favor.

The Biden administration has some nerve to impose taxes when we’re already dealing with inflation (which reached 8.6% over the prior year) and a supply chain crisis.

Republicans have been particularly critical. Senator John Kennedy (R-Louisiana) has been critical of the bill since the very beginning, calling the infrastructure bill “fake” and claiming that it would raise taxes and kill jobs. He warned, “Its Superfund Tax will increase taxes on our petrochemical industry by $1.3 billion and that’s going to endanger good jobs at a time when inflation is already ravaging Louisiana families.”

It’ll ravage the rest of the country, too.

When the White House has been questioned about why they’re moving forward with the excise tax even as inflation continues to soar, they have declined to comment. And if we even try to ask press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre, she probably won’t have any idea what we’re talking about.

2024 and the chance for a new administration can’t come fast enough.