Biden’s America! BLM Militants Threaten Motorists With Ar15s and AK-47s – Biden’s Police Does Nothing

Black Lives Matter militants took to the streets yet again. The city of Portland has been under siege all year and there is no end in sight. Patrick Kimmons was participating in a gang shootout when he was killed by the police in 2018. They have decided to march on his behalf for reasons that are not entirely clear.

During the event on Thursday, the protesters took to the streets and they also had some support vehicles to assist them. AR-15s, AK-47s, pistols and shotguns were produced. This would have been a good enough reason to start shutting things down right then and there. Of course, the police force in this city remains under the Biden spell.

They do not want to touch a hair on the heads of these people because Biden has given the go ahead for them to do whatever they want. Anyone who was even near the Capitol riots is being arrested and held without release. Meanwhile, these protesters brandish their weaponry in full view of police officers and nothing comes of it.

These guns were not used as a mere form of protection. Motorists were being threatened with them and reports indicate that a Keltec Sub 2000 may have been involved. This is not mere speculation, either. Videos have surfaced of the protesters behaving in this way and they are disturbing.

Multiple protesters are shown surrounding vehicles, yelling and screaming at the drivers inside. The videos might be shaky but it is hard to mistake this footage for anything else. One minivan driver has one of their windows shattered, their tires flattened and their mirror broken.

Unfortunately for the driver, their attempts at defending their vehicle were useless. He was assaulted and tackled to the ground as soon as he got out. He had a gun of his own but it was taken away from him during the fight. The funniest part of all? The protesters call for the police to help them while they have the man on the ground.

These are the same people that want the people to lose all of their funding, though. This content is a scary watch but this is our country right now. Rifles and pistols are being cocked and racked, broken glass is everywhere and there is a general sense of unrest that is sure to make most viewers very uneasy.

As for the protesters, they are claiming that they only behaved in this manner because the drivers were trying to run them over. There is no evidence in the videos to support this but that is their story and they are sticking to it. No police officers are seen trying to de-escalate the violence in any of the clips that we have seen.

It is like they have given their city over to the angry mob. These protesters know that they are in charge of the city now and they are behaving accordingly. The citizens have already been indoctrinated. They must follow the rules that the gangs set for them or risk facing severe consequences.

Vigilante terrorism went from being something that the state would never allow to being fully allowable. If there is anyone out there who has come across videos that are of higher quality, please feel free to share them with us. The Portland Police have decided that they are not going to be doing anything meaningful. They are issuing a weak statement and we are tired of the nonsense.

It’s a lengthy, noncommittal statement but we are here to offer up the most important part. “If anyone has information about this case, please reference the case 21-121818 and e-mail [email protected],” the statement concludes. The police would probably have more information at their disposal if they actually did some real police work at these protests but that is apparently not too much to ask. In the meantime, our hearts are with the law-abiding citizens of Portland.


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