Biden’s America! Putin Highlights Brutal Crackdown on Political Opponents of Biden in the US

After his long-awaited sit-down meeting with Joe Biden was over, Russian President Vladimir Putin spoke to the press. The meeting was supposed to last for at least five hours but was over in less than four. It did not take long before the American reporters who were on hand were trying their best to create a “gotcha” moment.

ABC’s Rachel Scott decided to ask Putin why all of his political opposition is turning up dead. This question was asked after Putin decided to tear into the Black Lives Matter movement. He does not want the trail of destruction that has already taken place here to spill over into Russia.

Putin pointed out something that the liberals are not going to want to hear. They act like America is a place where everyone is allowed to state their opinions. In reality, nothing could be further from the truth. Putin flipped the question back on Scott, pointing out all of the US residents who are currently in jail because they stood up and opposed the new regime.

The death of veteran Ashli Babbitt was mentioned by Putin as well, even though he did not call her name directly. Putin is definitely right about all of this and he’s more of a truth-teller than the ridiculous mainstream media members that we have here.

Moments like these really put the sheer level of delusion that many leftists operate under on full display. They would like to think that America is somehow different from Russia. They believe that Biden is a genuinely nice person and that Putin is the true demon. That is just a product of all of the Democrat propaganda that they have been consuming over the past few years.

There’s nothing about Biden that is kind or nice. He’s done a great job of putting on the “golly gee, an old man like me could never be evil” act. It fools the liberals every time but he’s not really all that much different from Putin in the grand scheme of things.

Putin just sees the corporate spin and he knows what Biden actually is. He probably wishes that Biden would drop the games and schemes and just admit to who he is. The mainstream media in this country is just as complicit as any other country’s when it comes to hiding the truth.

It’s the sort of thing that is evident to everyone but the far left of America. They like to make countries like Russia and China into the great boogeymen that we need to be fearing. In reality, these are the people who need to be taking stock of our country and how we are running things.

Otherwise, it would not sting so bad when someone like Putin decides that he is going to tell the truth about the way that the US handles dissidents. If we continue to let Joe Biden lead us down the road of bad faith communication with anyone who opposes us, these are the things that we have to look forward to in the future. It doesn’t feel good to be called out by someone like Vladimir Putin, does it?

No matter what the far left may think or try to say as a retort, the man was right on the money. Joe Biden should have known that he was going to be played like a fiddle before the meeting even took place but of course, he’s always the last to know.

Just once, it would be nice to see Sleepy Joe at the forefront of a conversation. Instead, he never knows what is going on until one of his handlers writes it down in crayon and explains it like they are speaking to a small child. Putin knows this but he does not. Hopefully, this puts a stop to the forced meetings between the two, as Biden realizes that they are beyond futile.


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