Biden’s Army of Perverts! Denver BLM Leader Under Investigation for Sexually Abusing 62 High School DACA Students

This is beyond disgusting. We are shocked, appalled and horrified. Our hearts go out to each and every student that has been affected as well. This is the story of a Denver school board member, Black Lives Matter protest leader, and anti gun activist who has numerous skeletons in their closest.

At long last, they are finally being revealed and it is every bit as awful as you would have expected. Rape, sex abuse, harassment, accusations of indecent behavior, there is a lot to unpack here. A wide range of community members are making these accusations, including a whopping 62 students. Illegal aliens who were given entrance into America by the DACA program were also violated.

Tay Anderson is the man who is being accused and as of the moment, he is maintaining his innocence. We shall see if he continues to do so, as the evidence against him is only continuing to mount. He wants to continue to work with the school board and he expects to maintain his same position as a local activist.

How he thinks that this is going to be able to happen under the current circumstances is comical to us. During the investigation, he plans on stepping away from his duties. Someone should probably tell him that he should settle in and get comfortable. We highly doubt that he is returning to any of his former posts once the law has gotten done handling him. Chalkbeat Colorado has more:

“Denver school board member Tay Anderson said Sunday he would step back from “everyday board functions” until an outside firm hired by the school district completes an investigation into sexual assault allegations against him.

In a separate statement, the school board clarified that Anderson will still vote on key matters, including the selection of a new superintendent, which is set to happen June 3. A Denver Public Schools spokesperson said Anderson’s stepping back means Anderson will not attend school or district meetings with staff or students.

Anderson announced his decision two days after the school board announced it was aware of new allegations against him.

Anderson is under investigation by an outside firm hired by Denver Public Schools. The district launched the investigation after the civil rights group Black Lives Matter 5280 said in March that a woman came to them to report that Anderson had sexually assaulted her.

Separate from that accusation, former members of anti-gun violence group Never Again Colorado said that Anderson engaged in inappropriate behavior when he was the group’s president in 2018.

Then this week, Denver parent Mary-Katherine Brooks Fleming testified before a Colorado legislative committee that 62 young people, nearly all of them current Denver high school students, came to her starting in August seeking help and protection from a specific man “in a position of trust.” She said they had experienced abuse ranging from unwanted touching to violent rape.

Anderson has consistently denied all allegations against him. He said Sunday that he expects to be cleared and return to all his duties.”

This is all pretty harrowing stuff, isn’t it? In case you want to debate what has already been posted, we will leave you with an elaboration from the Denver Post:

“On Tuesday, Mary-Katherine Brooks Fleming, a parent of three DPS students, told the state House Judiciary Committee there is “a sexual predator targeting DPS children” during her public testimony in support of a bill that would make it easier for victims to sue institutions who employ child sexual abusers.

Brooks Fleming told the committee 62 people had come to her for help regarding a single individual, but she did not name that person. Their experiences ranged from unwanted touching to “violent acts of rape,” she said. Sixty-one of them lacked documentation or were recipients of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals program, and the youngest was 14, she said.”

How anyone can talk around any of this is beyond us. The Denver Post’s story is well worth a full read. Anderson is yet another one of Biden’s perverts and he needs to be rooted out….immediately!


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