Biden’s Attack on Trump Over Weekend Golfing Backfires

Biden’s Attack on Trump Over Weekend Golfing Backfires

When the fake news media decided to take aim at President Trump for golfing while a pandemic is taking place, he was not about to accept these attacks. Everyone who pays attention to the president’s reactions on a regular basis was prepared for that. He wanted to know why the media was so willing to give out passes to Obama and Biden for similar behaviors.

Of course, Biden was not about to let the opportunity pass him by. He decided that it was time to make a campaign ad about the matter. The ad was clearly not well received by the president and he took to Twitter to let Biden know about it. This is par for the course for the president, if you will pardon the expression.

He always wears his heart on his sleeve and lets the world know exactly what he thinks. In Trump’s mind, the poor work ethic of “Sleepy Joe” needed to be discussed more. Obama also spent his fair share of time on the golf course during his presidency. When he flew out to Hawaii for his golfing expeditions, he did so on a fully loaded 747.

Did the leftists complain about the cost to the taxpayers when these men were wasting countless amounts of time and money? Absolutely not. That’s why Trump is looking for a little bit of fairness when it comes to coverage that the mainstream media has to offer.

Trump also went on to pat himself on the back for being able to shatter the ISIS caliphate. He’s got a longer memory than most mainstream media members. Obama was more than happy to head out for golfing trips during the swine flu pandemic that took place during his first term in office. This did not seem to bother anyone at the time.

The flooding that took place in Louisiana during his term also went strangely unaddressed. The left wants everyone to believe that Obama and Biden are bleeding hearts who care deeply about the issues that affect the rest of the nation. In reality, they are every bit as selfish as their detractors claim. Biden just does a better job of swindling people into believing in his rhetoric.

Trump has worked tirelessly to help the nation deal with the current pandemic. People do not need to be attacking him for taking a momentary break to get some exercise. No matter what decision he makes, he still comes under fire. You would think that the Nancy Pelosi supporters of the world would be happy to see him stretching his legs.

They would probably rather make more fat jokes about the president, to be honest. Do the Democrats realize that they are not helping matters at all when they behave like this? All they do is expose the issues that the mainstream media has within themselves. They are more than willing to allow their biases to lead the way when they are in the process of “delivering the news”.

It’s gotten to a point where no one believes a word that they have to say anymore. This should have been their cue to start reporting the actual news and not their revenge fantasies. Biden’s campaign ad may have seemed wonderful to people who do not actually pay attention to the world around them. He’s got to do everything in his power to steer people away from his sexual assault scandal (not to mention his burgeoning scandal that started over in Ukraine).

The fake breaking news has to stop. We are waiting for the next “big story” that they are going to report. It does not matter how insignificant their scoops may seem to those who actually care. As long as they are getting their clicks and ratings from the leftists who are completely non discerning, they do not care at all. This is the way things will stay until that side of the aisle is able to get a clue.


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