Biden’s Denial of Reality! Biden Admin Claims There Are No Gasoline Shortages Despite the Facts on the Street

Last week, a ransomware attack took place on the Colonial Pipeline. This attack has led to some predictable behavior, as people are already making panic purchases in a number of states. This is a problem that needs to be discussed but the New York Times does not seem to think so. Their tweet (which was immediately ratio’ed) reads as follows:

“Colonial Pipeline, a vital U.S. fuel artery that was shut down by a cyberattack, said it hoped to restore most operations by the end of the week. Since the shutdown, there have been no long lines or major price hikes for gas. Here’s what to know.”

We are going to try our best to be fair to the Times here. Since the story was published yesterday, perhaps it was true before it hit the presses? The following paragraph may not have been a total lie at the time, so bear with them, we guess?

“Since the pipeline shutdown, there have been no long lines at gasoline stations, and because many traders expected the interruption to be brief, the market reaction was muted. Nationwide, the price of regular gasoline climbed by only half a cent to $2.97 on Monday from Sunday, even though the company could not set a timetable for restarting the pipeline. New York State prices remained stable at $3 a gallon, according to the AAA motor club.”

Our attempts at sympathizing with the Times are all for naught, though. Even CNN agrees that this is truly a problem and they have already reported on the surge in gas buying. “US gasoline demand jumped 20% on Monday compared with the prior week, according to GasBuddy, an app that tracks fuel prices and demand.

In just five states served by Colonial Pipeline — Georgia, Florida, South Carolina, North Carolina and Virginia — demand was up by a collective 40.1%, GasBuddy said,” CNN reports.

If demand for gas goes up by 40 percent, the lines are going to get much, much longer. Even the local news outlets have caught onto what is taking place. This excerpt comes courtesy of Pensacola’s WKRG:

“Dozens of gas stations in the area ran out of regular gasoline Monday.

Long lines at the gas pumps is normally something we’re used to seeing during hurricane season.

“It’s been crazy,” Danielle Charles said. “This is worse than a hurricane.”

Meanwhile, there is also video circulating from a wide range of locations that is sure to make people nervous. “Extremely high demand for those who have gas today. I counted around 30 cars in line at this station outside the Walmart on Mobile. There are only a handful of pumps that aren’t taped off,” shared Olivia Iverson on Twitter. She has a thread that contains multiple locations that have been affected by the Colonial Pipeline attack.

North Carolina and South Carolina were also having major issues that were being shared on social media. How can the Times have been so irresponsible, in the face of such overwhelming evidence? Gas hysteria is clearly taking place all over the country and the mainstream media would rather ignore it.

It always goes back to their desire to protect Joe Biden. Of course, some will point out that the lines are only being caused by panic buyers. This is the same thing that happened last spring, when people allowed themselves to believe that grocery stores would close and they would have no access to toilet paper. We just want to know why the Times felt the need to weigh in.

If Trump was still president, they would be sounding off all the alarms and acting like a gas crisis was imminent. When Biden is president? “Oh, it’s no big deal, just wait for all of the panic buyers to soak up all of the gas and everything will magically return to normal.”

For our money, the best response came from the person who quoted the New York Times tweet with “gaslighting”. That’s the sort of gallows humor that we can always relate to. It’s odd behavior from them to say the least and we hope that they issue a retraction immediately.


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