Biden’s Grumpiness Affects the Entire Country

Michael F. Hiatt /

We’ve seen all that Biden has done…and not done for our country. It’s made us grumpy. Every time we have to pay more for our groceries or at the gas pump, we’re grumpy. When we balance our checkbooks and realize that we don’t have enough money in our account, we become even grumpier.

It turns out that President Biden is grumpy, too.

An insider of the White House shared with Newsmax that Biden is grump because of “low approval numbers, bad press, and the fact that he’s not getting credit for ‘what’s going right.’”

Biden seems to be underestimating what the American people actually want. He has been prioritizing all of the wrong things. And now, he wants everyone to stop and appreciate what he has been doing.

It doesn’t work that way, but let’s look at what Biden believes he should be getting credit for.

Ukraine has been successful at holding off Russia’s invasion. Apparently, this is a “win” for Biden, though President Zelenskyy of Ukraine would likely argue. That’s a win for the Ukrainian president, not for the American one.

And at any rate, even if it was Biden’s doing, how does that help us? It doesn’t lower the price at the pump. It doesn’t reduce the number of criminals pouring fentanyl into our communities from the southern border.

Biden’s grumpiness has actually resulted in moving the Ukrainian matter away from national security adviser Jake Sullivan. Rather than Sullivan having the federal oversight on the Russian war, it will now be the responsibility of chief of staff Ron Klain.

Is this even a good idea? Probably not. And this move is likely to impact the entire country. Why? It’s the same as what happened during Afghanistan – and we all know how that move went.

The White House insider explained that during Afghanistan, “Joe and Klain decided to control the flow and looped out State, the Pentagon and even Jake.”

Ron Klain is said to have a very close relationship with Biden. Some have even gone as far as saying that Biden views Klain like a son. That relationship is a dangerous one because Klain will never tell Biden that he’s wrong – and that means that things could go south with Ukraine quickly.

The White House, of course, refuses to comment on Sullivan’s status.

We all know that there’s been distance, though, if you follow what’s been going on. Jake Sullivan contracted COVID. A National Security Council rep, Adrienne Watson, explained that “he has not been in close contact with the president.”

Wait a second…there are countless foreign policy issues going on. Not only do we have Ukraine, but we also have China, Taiwan, and more. How is it that the national security adviser hasn’t been in close contact with Biden?

Well, that’s easy when he’s been sidelined.

John Bolton, the national security adviser under former President Trump explained that “I think the bigger problem is that, from what the White House says repeatedly, there are hardly any advisers who are ‘close contact’ to the president.” This is really because of Biden’s level of isolation which “is a major obstacle to effective decision-making.”

Biden’s throwing a temper tantrum of epic proportions. He’s grumpy because no one likes him. He’s cranky because things aren’t going his way. And as a result, he’s distancing important advisers away from him – and there’s no telling what bad decisions he’ll make along the way.

If we thought Biden’s decisions were bad before, just wait. Now that he’s pushing even more people away from him, we need to buckle in for a bumpy ride.