Biden’s Portland Mob of Reverse Racists Beat up and Hospitalize Innocent Man – Because They Can

This past Thursday, BLM members decided to march through the streets of Portland in the middle of the day. It did not take long before the police were summoned. They received a call about a pedestrian that had been hit by a car. When they arrived on the scene, no one was present. This was obviously mystifying to the police.

From there, motorists started calling them about vehicles that were blocking the streets. Per a local news site:

“As officers arrived they did not find any pedestrians who claimed to have been struck. The large group had moved away, still walking in nearby streets, some openly carrying firearms. Officers remained in the area searching for anyone who may have been injured and to collect evidence and information.

Additional calls came in from people who had been driving vehicles in the area and who were blocked by the crowd in the street.”

The man who is seen on video here is one of the people who contacted the police. Once he tried to make a left turn in his minivan, he was immediately swarmed by the protesters. They were armed and dangerous, smashing out his back window. Two of his tires were also flattened during the confrontation.

He was also allegedly sprayed with some form of irritant. The video is a sad watch, as it makes us wonder what is happening to our country. The same group that confronted the man in the video decided to go after another driver and this encounter nearly turned deadly. Joe Hall is a handyman who was on his way from a job when he had to swerve to avoid someone on a moped.

He was treating as public enemy number one for this and we are shocked and saddened. Oregon Live has more about the confrontation: “He said he then noticed the moped following his truck and a man screaming on a handheld radio to stop his truck.

When he reached Michigan Avenue, Hall said another vehicle blocked his path “and all of a sudden I have three or four people around me” with what to him looked like AR-15s and AK-47s.

Hall said he grabbed hold of a non-lethal handgun that can shoot hard pellets to try to get the people to clear the way and hadn’t realized there was a march until people circled his truck. He said he heard a woman outside on a megaphone yelling at the crowd to let him go, but the people continued to block his truck and call him a “Nazi.”

“They’re screaming and yelling at me, claiming I was out there trying to run people over. That’s when I discovered a march was going on,” he said. ”I was trapped. A vehicle in front of me trapped me in. I couldn’t go forward or around.”

Hall argued with the protesters as they pointed their weapons. He told that they had five seconds to lower them but they argued that his truck was the deadly weapon and that he had tried to run down a protester. Hall tried to drive away after a back and forth with the protesters but it didn’t go well.

His car was struck with a drum and he exited the vehicle with his own gun in hand. After being knocked around a bit, Hall’s gun was taken away from him by the crowd and that was the end of that. There’s even a video where you can see someone swinging the blue drum into the truck.

Hall asks the group who attacked him if they would be willing to call the ambulance. They tell him that there is no need because he is just fine. Eventually, he gets back up and drives off. Hall wisely contacted the police after the encounter and was taken to a hospital. He’s been diagnosed with five broken ribs, a fractured collar bone, fractured vertebrae, a partially collapsed lung and head injuries. Biden’s America, everyone!


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