Biden’s Proving to Be the WORST Catholic Ever

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Biden is supposed to be a Catholic. After all, Democrats LOVE to remind us of that. And he secured his vote during the 2020 general election by banging us over the head with it.

Catholics, however, believe in the sanctity of life. They most certainly aren’t creating loopholes that make it possible for people to murder the unborn.
Biden is not acting like a good Catholic, especially with his latest actions.

The Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade months ago. The president should simply allow the states to make decisions based on what the people of those individual states want.

That’s not what Biden is going to do, though. He can’t help himself. It’s as if he’s being directed by the devil himself to get his hands dirty. He wants to do as much as possible to expand access to abortion – even when it should be left up to the states.

The Biden administration has actually encouraged states to use Medicaid funds so that abortion access can be expanded. The executive order that Biden signed in August actually allowed Medicaid funds to be used for people to travel to states where abortion is still permitted.

How is this an acceptable way for a Catholic to act? He’s making it EASIER for people to murder their unborn children. This is not even close to a Christian perspective.

At this point, we have to ask ourselves if Biden is even aware of what he’s doing. The term “dementia” is more than whispered around the White House. If Biden really is the Catholic that he claims to be, perhaps this is the first real sign that there is a puppet master lurking behind the president.

Although what Biden has done is absolutely disgusting, it doesn’t seem as though the Democrats are taking him up on his offer. The strategies that would allow Medicaid to be used in such ways are actually a logistical nightmare. States are avoiding this process to avoid legal challenges.

The only way to protect abortion access would be to go through Congress. And since Republicans want to hold onto precious life, it is unlikely that Congress would pass such a thing. And, well, Biden really doesn’t want to work with Congress. He’d rather continue being a dictator. He finds it easier to rule over the people that way…

With the midterms just around the corner, Democrats have to be careful. They know they’re already losing seats – and if they are too aggressive on such a divisive issue as abortion, they’ll lose so many seats that they’ll hand the elections to the Republicans on a golden platter.

As Business Insider reports, “The Biden administration has made several other efforts to expand abortion access across the country…” This includes challenging the “near-total abortion ban” by arguing that it “violates federal law by preventing medical providers from offering emergency treatment.”

Andrea Miller, the president of the National Institute for Reproductive Health recently spoke to Politico. She explained “There’s no question that part of the challenge here is there are real limits to executive-branch authority. They continue to try to find creative solutions, and they also continue to butt up against the limits of their authority, and that’s frustrating for everyone.”

Biden will use as much executive authority as he can to prove to the country that he’s not a good Catholic. In the end, though, he’s only hurting the Democrats who are trying to hold onto their seats during the midterms.