Biden’s Speech Breaks All Records! Ratings Crater 49% Compared to Other Presidents

Of course, there are some Biden supporters who will point out that he was still able to beat out the Oscars. However, that is not quite the achievement that it used to be. Biden’s presidential speeches are supposed to do better than the Oscars because they air across several networks, so this isn’t much of a brag.

Even the most blah NFL games are able to garner better ratings than the Oscar ceremony at this point. Live events haven’t been pulling the same ratings during the pandemic but this is alarming. Trump drew 48 million viewers back in 2017. Biden was not even able to match 25% of that.

To be fair, Biden’s numbers are going to be a bit higher once the cable ratings have been tallied. The 11.6 million viewers that have been tallied so far only represent the main four broadcast networks. Still, this is not the best start for Biden. He’s definitely a lot less popular than Trump, by any reasonable margin.

While the comparisons are apples to oranges at the moment, we have seen some apples to apples comparisons that are more disconcerting. Deadline has more: “In unadjusted fast affiliate data, the President’s speech drew around 11.6 million viewers in the 9 PM ET hour. Add, Univision (1.08 million) and Telemundo (884,000) to that batch of ABC, CBS, NBC and Fox and the result inches up to 13.5 million for the speech that started around 9:10 PM ET…

What we can also tell you at this point, when everything from the Super Bowl to the Oscars are seeing new lows, is that Biden’s first address to a sparse Congress was one of the least-watched in recent history…

To Thursday throwback to the last POTUS, the current POTUS’ talk was down about 49% from a newly installed Trump’s first speech to a packed House chamber back on April 30, 2017.”

The best apples-to-apples comparison takes place across the big four networks. He doubled Biden’s 2021 numbers on the big four networks and added over 17 million more viewers once the cable numbers came in. As for Biden, there is a good chance that his audience doesn’t even approach 30 million.

So why was there such a drop-off? The reasoning is simple. For starters, live television events have been on a major downslope. The streaming effect also can’t be discounted. More and more television viewers are being diverted from live broadcasts and this is pushing them online. It is entirely possible that Biden’s online viewership could make up for the gap.

These are reasonable explanations but there is another one that is even more sensible. Trump is far more charismatic than Biden. There are a lot of people who were probably drawn to Trump presidential speeches because of the curiosity factor. Biden is fairly milquetoast and you never know what Trump is going to say.

Even someone who considers themselves more of a Biden supporter might have been more likely to watch a Trump speech instead. This disparity also can’t be overlooked for another major reason: Americans got very tired of the endless political drama. The Trump years were very taxing from a mental standpoint.

Now, we are just waiting for the inevitable statement from Trump. We know that he is going to be reveling in this. If there is one thing that Trump loves, it is pointing out the size of his ratings and crowds as compared to his adversaries. This could also be tied into the “stop the steal” program that Trump has started.

Once all of the numbers are in, Trump’s gloating is sure to be heard around the world. They may have taken his Twitter account away from him but now everyone has to read his statements. This is one man who is not going to be easy for the liberal establishment to silence. Biden, on the other hand, is just looking for a nice, quiet place to lay down and avoid all of the fuss for a bit.


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