Biden’s Violent Mob Promises to Burn Down Portland Police Station – Democrats Cheer On

Portland’s daily rioters have been taking a break lately. While most residents have been breathing a sigh of relief, the more astute observers have been wondering when they were going to get started again. It’s almost as if they were “too” quiet, if you know what we mean.

As it turns out, they were merely waiting for the one year anniversary of George Floyd’s death. They took to the streets again with great fury and the destruction was widespread. The Black Lives Matter and Antifa terrorists had no qualms about hurling projectiles at the police. Fires were lit, windows were smashed, innocent people were terrorized, you know the drill already.

“A crowd has gathered in the street near intersection of SW 3rd and SW Main. Drivers should avoid the area and the blocks around it,” tweeted the Portland Police. “While this crowd is yelling “Burn the building down,” some individuals in the crowd have lit a dumpster on fire that has been pushed up against the Justice Center,” they continued.

What a horrifying scene. If you are wondering why there is so little video of these instances, the answer is a very simple one. The journalists and documentarians in Portland know that they are in big trouble if they are seen filming. Anyone who takes video or pictures risks getting their phone or camera smashed.

The police are also starting to realize that they cannot successfully intervene here either. That’s why the mobs know they have the ability to rule with an iron fist. They can beat people up, rob them and essentially act with full impunity because the police have been rendered toothless.

These wonderful peacemakers do allow people to take pictures and videos of the aftermath, in case anyone thinks that we are exaggerating the extent of these damages. it_aint_pretty_ is one of the few approved sources for this information and we are not sure how Antifa is letting them slide. They had better watch their backs!

The cops who were in the area could not do much about any of this. The city belongs to the protesters now and they had the police beating a hasty retreat. They were getting treated like they did not matter by the crowds, as they were being pelted by debris and fireworks. This is how comfortable the people have become were terrorizing those who are supposed to be upholding the rule of law.

“AVENGE GEORGE FLOYD” was spray-painted onto a building because that’s exactly what he would have wanted. “Individuals in the crowd are throwing frozen water bottles and eggs at officers. They are also throwing metal spikes in the road,” the Portland Police account shared. That was not all. They also headed down to City Hall, where all of the windows were smashed out.

These people stopped at nothing and it is clear that they were laying in wait. The media sources who were allowed to take videos are lucky that they made it out alive. We are surprised that they were not viciously attacked but it is entirely possible that the crowd wanted to keep someone on hand to record their actions.

After all, it’s not a “revolution” if you don’t have an audience. The phrase “the revolution will not be televised” has been lost on them entirely. They want the police to be abolished but they do not realize that they are making a better case for them than any of their so-called “enemies” ever could.

The rule of law is everything and anyone who does not want to go along with it is a danger to themselves and others. What happens when one of these riots kills an innocent Portland resident? The protesters are not going to have much to say about that. Instead, they will do what the far left does best: blame their problems on someone else and wait for Biden come in and coddle them.


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