Black Child is Murdered but Protesters Are Nowhere in Sight

It’s odd how an organization claims to care about the lives of a particular race but only when it’s convenient.

Black Lives Matter claim that the lives of black people matter. And, they’re willing to fight for it. However, it seems that they’re only willing to fight when it’s at the hands of white law enforcement.

When a black child is murdered in cold blood, Black Lives Matter is nowhere to be found.

There’s another voice that’s oddly quiet. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (AOC) is usually the first one to get loud when there’s a social injustice being served up in the country. Only this time, it’s near her district.

Justin Wallace was a 10-year-old boy. He had dreams of celebrating his 11th birthday, which was just days away. While he was at his aunt’s house in Far Rockaway, he was shot in the chest. You see, a gunman opened fire at his aunt’s home.

Why isn’t this all over the news? After all, a black child lost his life because of the illegal use of a gun.

Surely, the death of this child matters. Black or white, the child’s life mattered. He was an innocent young boy, and his death isn’t being mourned.

Where are the protesters? Where are the rioters? This innocent black child deserves justice to be served.

Black Lives Matter is silent. AOC is silent.

And when both are asked about why there isn’t any action being taken about Wallace, both have refused to provide a comment.

Only one voice has been heard, which is that of Representative Gregory Meeks. The Democrat oversees the district where the boy was killed. Did he demand justice? Did he explain that the riots are on their way? No. Instead, he acted like a typical Democrat and pointed the finger.

Guns killed the boy. As such, it’s critical to pass gun control laws.

Isn’t it odd how the Democrats can change their stories when it’s convenient? If a white cop shoots a black man, the cop did it. However, if a black man shoots a black child, the gun did it.

It’s time that the Democrats get real about what’s happening. Black Lives Matter is not the organization they think that it is. Time and again, BLM protesters have shown that they have no real concern for the lives of black people. It’s always been about gaining power and defunding police departments across the country.

The only time that BLM or even AOC decides to poke their head out into society is when there’s an opportunity to grab power.

The death of a black boy who died because of a single person opening fire at a residence isn’t a story. There’s no power to grab. It’s just a tragic story – and one that neither BLM or AOC care to prevent from happening again and again.

There’s the opportunity for real change. If AOC and Black Lives Matter really cared about the sanctity of life, particularly black life, things could change. Legislation could change. Action could be taken against each and every person who would dare harm a black person.

It shouldn’t matter who that person is. Whether they’re a criminal, a business owner, an old lady crossing the road, or a child waiting to celebrate his birthday, all lives matter.

There’s no outrage for this story because the child was shot by another black person. He’s considered fodder for a family dispute. Yet, had he been shot by a white cop, the outrage would be so massive that it would be on every media platform around the globe.

It seems that BLM and AOC have it all wrong. Black lives apparently don’t matter. Realistically to them, the only thing that really matters is who is pulling the trigger.


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