Black Pastor Rebukes SNL for Calling Black White House Guests “House Negroes”

Black Pastor Rebukes SNL for Calling Black White House Guests “House Negroes”

Saturday Night Live has had a contentious relationship with Donald Trump for some time now. They are always taking aim at him in their sketches and drawing his ire for one reason or another. Now, there is a new sketch that is riling up Trump supporters. Pastor Marc Little is leading the charge this time around.

The show recently mocked the meeting between Trump and various black leaders. Chris Redd is the Saturday Night Live cast member who decided to participate in the mockery. Pastor Little is rightfully irritated by what has taken place. The black leaders who were praying over Trump did not deserve this sort of retort.

Longtime Trump supporter Candace Owens was there. Diamond and Silk are well-known video bloggers who also decided to make the trip. Herman Cain, the former presidential candidate, was on hand and fellow pastor Darrell Scott helped to lead the group in prayer. Little referred to the sketch as “racist commentary”.

Redd called the group “House Negroes” and it is easy to see why that would not sit well with Pastor Little. This is the sort of insult that cannot be allowed to fly. Redd even made fun of Trump’s facial expression and compared the experience to the movie Space Jam. We are not sure where he is getting any of this from and wonder what he would have to say to Pastor Little in person.

Pastor Little makes a very valid point: who is Chris Redd to sit around and determine who is actually black? It is not his job to assign levels of blackness. Little went on to say that he works with numerous American families while doing the Lord’s work each week. He knows about the struggles that they are experiencing and speaks to them firsthand.

It is hard to look at someone in his position and tell him that he is wrong. That is exactly what Chris Redd is doing, though. He is trying to make his experience the guiding standard for all black people. That is not wise, especially when there are real people who are going to be feeling slighted by the statements. Did he not expect any push back?

Redd may not be able to wrap his mind around it but there are plenty of people out there who are all for Jesus Christ and do not care about racial infighting. They put God first, second and third. That means that they are not going to sit around and trash Trump just because the left has decided that this is the coolest thing to do nowadays.

Putting God first means letting everything else go and focusing on what is right to you. That’s what these black leaders have done and they are now being punished for it. Bigoted liberals have had their day in the sun. Now, it is time for those who are able to think for themselves to have their moment.

It is not up to the liberals to decide who should be prayed for and who should not be. God would not look kindly upon this behavior but let’s face it…..the liberals do not exactly believe in religion anyways. All religion is to them is a speed bump on the road to their own self-righteousness. No one can tell them anything whatsoever because they already know it all.

There are a lot of fights currently happening in this country and conservatives vs liberals is the main battle. Black conservatives have gotten tired of liberal elites telling them what to think and feel. Kanye West already went through the wringer when he decided to pledge his support for Trump. These people do not actually care about Trump’s policies and how they have helped minority groups in this country.

The know it all types out there would have you believe that Trump has done nothing for anyone, excluding his rich buddies. In reality, the exact opposite is true. It is going to be fun to watch the Democrats try to make him out to be the devil during the upcoming election cycle. Saturday Night Live was asked for a response by the group that issued Pastor Little’s statement.

As you would expect, they did not have much to say. They do all of their talking when no one can actually respond, like the cowards that they are. Comedians should stick to what they actually know and cease with the political commentary. It only gets more and more pathetic when they try to butt into conversations that they clearly do not have the depth for.


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