Bloomberg Fumes Over Sound Bites From Debate

Bloomberg Fumes Over Sound Bites From Debate

Mike Bloomberg is new to the presidential debate stage, coming in as a late runner to get the Democratic National Committee’s nomination in the primaries. He’s actually not part of the debate stage because of things he is doing – but he has a call to reformat the debates because he thinks his ideas are better.

The former NYC mayor is self-funding his presidential campaign. He’s refusing to solicit contributions, which is what’s keeping him off of the debate stage. He’s not in favor of the way the debates are being run anyway. He says that they’re hardly better than scripted theater – and he’s not too far off from the truth.

On “The View,” he said that the TV debate was more about “pre-canned sound bites” than anything else. He said that he didn’t learn anything because everyone’s more worried about getting in trouble or starting some kind of controversy.

That’s why most people have stopped watching the debates, too. It’s not a great way to learn about where the candidates stand on the issues. Instead, it’s all about a “He said/she said” that shows off just how well the candidates can get along with each other.

Bloomberg may be on to something with his suggestions on the debate approach. Rather than it being a grab bag of topics, he wants a single subject selected so that candidates have the ability to get into it a bit. He states that the way it is right now, you never get two sides.

The former mayor of NYC has quite a few ideas on how Dems should be able to choose their nominee. He wants to push the DNC to reorder the early voting states. He doesn’t think that the current calendar makes sense to start with New Hampshire and Iowa since there’s no racial diversity.

The rivals of Bloomberg have plenty to criticize him about, too, though. They have called him out because of his refusal to engage on a stage with them as well as in the early states. Bloomberg simply isn’t focusing his attention on Iowa and New Hampshire because he believes it’s a waste of money for him. Since he came in late to the playground, he’s going to jump down the line and focus on other states. This means that he’s not playing by the same rules and the other candidates don’t know what to think of him.

Bloomberg has been a bit of a wild card since the moment he showed up to compete, though. With being a self-funded billionaire, his cash flow is very different. It’s why he’s the only one who can compete with the $10 million Super Bowl ad that Trump took out. He took one out, too, because he has that kind of money to throw around.

Bloomberg already knows that he knows it’s harder to get the message out if he’s not in the debates because of the TV exposure that it provides. However, he’s already spent over $200 million on advertising and a staff of over 1,000 to make sure that people know all about his message.

The presidential candidate may not like the fact that the debate stage is the way that it is, but he’s not changing his approach, either. He’s still refusing to raise money from donors. He believes that his strategy of sinking hundreds of millions of dollars will pay off – either for him or one of the other nominees that will beat Trump.

Meanwhile, the hosts on The View showed him a tweet with his face superimposed on a meatball. He smirked and said that he likes meatballs. He said that everyone is so serious and that it was some of the younger people on his campaign having some fun. Sunny Hostin didn’t seem to appreciate the humor. That’s when Bloomberg insisted that yes, he does like meatballs. He also appeared agitated that the topic of him appearing on a meatball was going on for as long as it was.

Bloomberg isn’t the typical presidential candidate nor is he the typical Democrat. No one knows what to do with him because he’s trying to change the rules. He’s giving Trump a run for his money, quite literally. He’s also ready to call a spade a spade by showing that the debates provide TV face time but that’s it. Until the debates change, no one is learning anything about the candidates because everyone’s too focused on being nice.


Bloomberg’s Not Happy Over the Debate

Of Course, He Has Suggestions on How to Make it Better

It’s hard to be happy about the debate when you have made a calculated effort to not be a part of them. The way that Bloomberg is funding his campaign has ensured that he’s not going to be a part of any of the Democratic debates. Meanwhile, he’s not happy with the soundbites that have come out of the most recent one.

The former NYC mayor said he’s not learning anything about the candidates. He also has ideas on how to improve the debate stage – yeah, and so does everyone.

Read on to learn more about Bloomberg’s fussiness.


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