Bloomberg’s Rise Is Scaring the Left

Bloomberg’s Rise Is Scaring the Left

The leftist Democrats are not too happy with where the polls are sitting. They’ve been hoping for a disruptive candidate that will change the United States forever – and not necessarily for the good. It turns out, however, that the average Democrat isn’t looking for such dramatic changes.

Mike Bloomberg, the former mayor of New York City, is rising in the polls. For only being a part of the presidential race for half the time as the other candidates, he’s rising quickly.

Bloomberg is breaking the rules, too. He’s not fundraising from his constituents. Instead, the billionaire is self-funding his campaign. However, because of this, he’s not able to get into any of the debates.

The progressives want to see him join the debate stages because they want him to be open to scrutiny. As such, many are pressing the DNC to change the debate rules so that Bloomberg gets onto the stage alongside Warren, Sanders, and the rest of the frontrunners. To do so, however, would also allow other candidates on the stage as well, which means that everyone will get the facetime as well as the scrutiny.

The way that the DNC rules work right now is that you have to “earn” your right to be a part of the presidential primary debates. This means showing that you have a certain rank in the polls as well as a certain amount of fundraising in place. These rules have prevented a number of candidates from making the stage, including Tulsi Gabbard.

The progressive allies of Warren and even Sanders have been lobbying to the DNC to ensure that Bloomberg is part of the debates. Many feel that he’s been staying away from the verbal attacks of his opponents by choosing to self-fund his campaign.

The progressives are only demonstrating that they’re not happy with how quickly he’s been climbing the polls. He’s been spending millions of dollars and getting into the double-digits of the polls.

Bloomberg is fighting against Trump, not against his opponents. He’s trying to use his money to make sure that a Democrat lands in the White House in 2020, whether it’s him or one of his opponents. The progressives don’t see it that way, however. They want to make sure that it is a progressive so that they can see the epic change that they have all been promised by the likes of Warren and Sanders.

With his steady rise in the polls, Bloomberg has surpassed Buttigieg as well as Klobuchar. He’s right behind Biden at this point, making him a moderate candidate that is worth being scared of. There are also many who argue that he has the unique position of being able to beat Trump in some of the swing states.

Although the Dems want to take back the White House, the progressives don’t want Bloomberg to be the one to do it. They want someone who is going to offer Medicare for All and bring the country closer to socialism – and Bloomberg isn’t going to do that.

Even some of the candidates are getting vocal about wanting Bloomberg on the debate stage. Klobuchar told “Morning Joe” on MSNBC that she’d like him to be able to have some back and forth so that voters are able to “evaluate him” that way. Otherwise, people can only go based on what his commercials and advertising say.

No matter how much the progressives push the DNC, the rules are not likely to change. It would spark all sorts of criticism for past candidates who had no choice but to drop out as a result of not getting to participate on stage. Just because the left is nervous about what Bloomberg could do is no reason to break the rules and allow him onto the stage.

Perhaps the Dems see a bit of Trump in Bloomberg. He’s rich, he’s powerful, and he’s well-liked. Bloomberg is a businessman first and foremost, though he’s also had the experience as a politician. He’s running in the primaries on his terms, and the left doesn’t like that. They’d prefer to have a candidate that they can control, and that’s not what the former mayor is offering them.

It’s no surprise that both Warren and Sanders have already accused Bloomberg of trying to buy the election. In the end, the voters will decide who they think is the best candidate. And, the louder the progressives claim, the more the moderates are likely to choose him.



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