Booker Calls For Trump Impeachment Proceedings To Start

Booker Calls For Trump Impeachment Proceedings To Start

With so much coming out within the Mueller reports about Trump being “not guilty,” it was only a matter of time before Democrats started talking about impeachment. The one with the loudest voice right now is Cory Booker. He has already called for impeachment proceedings to begin.

The Call for Impeachment
Senator Cory Booker called for impeachment proceedings against Donald Trump on May 29, soon after learning that special counsel Robert Mueller has said that there was possible obstruction regarding the investigation of the 2016 presidential campaign.

Booker seems to be conflicted (and perhaps confused) about a few things. Mueller said that his team could not make a determination of whether the President did or did not commit a crime.

He also believes that the guidelines of the Justice Department would not have allowed criminal charges to be brought against a sitting president because of the process.

Yet, this doesn’t stop Booker from tweeting that he feels Congress has a legal and moral obligation to begin the proceedings of impeachment.

Booker sits on the Senate Judiciary Committee and, in the past, was reluctant to start the impeachment process. Now, however, he’s looking to back impeachment, possibly because of political pressure from the Democratic base.

It’s important to note, too, that Booker is one of the Dems with his hat in the ring to run for the presidency in 2020, which could certainly influence his decisions about supporting impeachment.

Guilty until proven innocent?
What doesn’t make sense is the refusal to follow due process, a part of the Constitution that has been conveniently forgotten when looking at President Trump. Everyone is innocent until proven guilty.

Mueller wasn’t able to prove anything, which would leave Trump innocent, still. However, starting impeachment proceedings would say that he’s guilty until he can prove that he’s innocent.

What Mueller’s Report is Saying
Mueller has spoken out regarding what he and his team have put into the report. He said that it wasn’t clear that the President didn’t commit a crime. This means that he could have or he might not have.

Essentially, the research that was done was inconclusive. Mueller has nothing more to add to the report. He is allowing Congress to handle it. He wants to wipe his hands clean of the report and the investigation.

Mueller was hired, for the most part, to find enough evidence to convict the President. In order to do so, however, they have to have solid proof of “high crimes and misdemeanors.”

Without having that, the Democrats are now on a witch hunt. Mueller did his job and couldn’t find enough. At the time, the Democrats were willing to go by the Mueller report and quit once the results were out.

Considering that Mueller couldn’t find anything conclusive and they’re now talking about impeachment proceedings is proof that they’re simply on a witch hunt.

What’s more, is that there are plenty of Democrats who don’t think that the Mueller report is enough.

They don’t think that an impeachment proceeding will take, especially because 67 people in the Republican-controlled Senate would have to vote to remove him. Senator Kamala Harris even went on record to Stephen Colbert that the Senate wasn’t going to impeach Trump.

Impeachment Doesn’t Put a Dem in Power
What seems unclear is whether many Democrats understand what the presidential line of succession looks like. This is nothing new. If the President is impeached, assassinated, or dies of natural causes, there is a line of established roles that would be next in line.

This means that Pence would get the Presidency, as it would be unlikely that he could be found of committing “high crimes and misdemeanors” along with Trump. Pelosi would still be an unlikely possibility, even though she would be next after Pence.

Let’s also not forget that impeachment doesn’t necessarily remove someone from office. Bill Clinton was impeached in December of 1998 only to be acquitted in February of 1999. He never left the White House.

It’s a long and drawn out process to impeach someone, and with elections right around the corner, it seems unlikely that Booker or anyone else will be able to get the proceedings started and carried out.

This begs the question, then, what is Booker thinking with calling for such proceedings?

It’s likely not going to get the result of impeaching Trump, so it’s most likely a ploy to make him look stronger to the Democrats so that he’s a more likely candidate for the 2020 presidency.


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