Boy in Texas Prays to God for Adoptive Parents

Boy in Texas Prays to God for Adoptive Parents

It’s hard to get bounced around the foster care system. It can cause a lot of kids to lose hope. That’s not the case with a 12-year-old boy named Jonah in Texas. He smiles every day, saying that God is the reason. He’s been praying to be adopted daily with confidence that there’s a family out there that will fit him.

Jonah was able to get interviewed by a local TV station. Although he stunned by showing up in a suit, what really took everyone by surprise was his message about faith. He credits the Lord for being able to smile every day, despite some of the issues he’s had in the foster care system.

The little boy sat down with a local TV station in Dallas so that he could be featured on the “Wednesday’s Child” segment that offers regular reports to give people a glimpse into what it’s like for a child to be in foster care. It also sheds some light on those who want to be adopted – and Jonah was eager for the opportunity.

Jonah has been in foster care for four years already. He says that the Lord has brought him many things, so he’s always got a smile.

It’s so easy for kids and adults alike to lose faith in the Lord. Especially with all that happens in the world, people turn their backs. Meanwhile, faith has been growing shorter and shorter – with many Dems looking to say goodbye to religion entirely. However, Jonah has a message for everyone. Rather than looking at the country as Godless, this Texas boy is ready to show him how God has carried him through all that he’s been through, regardless of the challenges he’s had to deal with.

Jonah, an honor roll student, spoke passionately about his faith. He was honest and spoke about abuse prior to entering CPS. He feels that the Lord has brought him through it all – and he sees it as a blessing as opposed to a curse.

He told the news station that “waking me up this morning” is just one of the ways he sees the Lord bless him. It puts him in his right mind so that he knows that he’s going to have a good day. He wants to be adopted because he believes there’s a family waiting for him that will fit “in the best possible way.”

Jonah was also asked about why he chose to wear a suit for the interview. He said that he wanted to be “proper” in the best way that he knew how – and it worked. He captured the hearts of many who were tuned into the local station that day.

As for whether the interview was enough for Jonah to be able to find his forever home, that has yet to be determined. However, there was a note from WFAA for approved home studies to contact a particular person with the state. Jonah is going to keep praying in hopes that the right family will come along – and now everyone who has faith who watched the interview will be doing the same.

Stories like Jonah’s are all too common. Kids enter the foster care system through no fault of their own. They suffer abuse, they have to hop from home to home, and they wait not-so-patiently for a family to come along that will be their forever home. Especially after four years, many kids lose faith. They don’t believe that they’ll ever get a family. They assume that they’ll be bounced around in the system until they turn 18, where they will be on their own. Jonah’s story is a story of hope and devotion.

Jonah has shown that at the age of 12, he has more faith than many adults. He is willing to pray to God each and every day. He keeps a smile on his faith because he reminds himself of all of the good that the Lord has done in his life instead of placing blame. It ensures that he’s the ultimate optimist. Now, if only more adults were to have the same unwavering faith that this boy does, the country would be in a much better place.

In the meantime, Jonah will keep praying. His goal is to find a family that will fit him perfectly – and there is one that is out there. With that smile of his, it’s only a matter of time before a licensed home study will come along to invite him into their home. No doubt, it will be a family of faith because everyone needs a child who already believes in the daily blessings of the Lord.



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