California is Under Fire Amid Wildfires

California is Under Fire Amid Wildfires

California has become a liberal playground. The Democrats have ruined the state with their socialist agenda. And now they are blaming it on the citizens of the state. But when the truth is told the state’s Governor Gavin Newsom, is going to be blamed for it all. His first year in office has been the worst the state has ever seen. His policies and procedures that he has been pushing are driving the state to ruin. The state has a huge homelessness problem and the prices of homes are getting out of control. The infrastructure of the state is horrible and the price for gas is ridiculous.

One Democrat after another has added to the trouble that the state is now facing. Newsom served under Jerry Brown for eight years and watched has his policies failed the state one right after another. And now he has to deal with it all. But like every stupid Democrat Newsom is blaming the people of the state. He has enacted power shutoffs for millions of people because he has blamed them for using the power that has started the fires that now are destroying the state. Of course, he will not mention that he has kept workers from maintaining the power lines and kept them from trimming the trees that are catching fire. His policies have bankrupted agencies that were once responsible for keeping the state looking fresh and clean.

But he believes it is everyone else’s fault. It is the fault of the people that use the power that the fires have started. He believes that it is the fault of the people that drive cars as to why the prices of gas are so high. But he will realize soon enough that he has the power to lower prices and the power to enact real change for the improvement of the state. After all, things are so bad now that anything he does for the state that solves the problems will only make him look good. But he is so wrapped up in blaming people that he is missing his chance.

Fire season in California is about to start and the entire area is already ablaze. Los Angeles is about to burn to the ground and the state’s wine market is about to collapse because of the fires. But Newsom is not doing anything to try to fix the problem. He is more interested in treating the symptoms. He has stated “The next 72 hours will be challenging. I could sugarcoat it, but I will not.” It is time for naughty Newsom to point the finger at himself and put the blame on himself before history does it for him. People are losing their homes and loved ones because of the fires.

Instead of shutting the power off to millions of people Newsom needs to go on a tree trimming party. Every other state in the Union trims the trees around power lines, and they are not burning to the ground. The people that are having their power cut are having to live without it for almost a week at a time. The sad part is that the power being on is not the problem. It is the overgrown trees and ancient equipment that is causing the problems. Old poles that have been weakened over time are failing and falling to the ground. This causes the power lines to snap and spark which in turn starts the fires.

Newsom was quick to blame the power company for failing to maintain its equipment. But Newsom has failed to see that his policies have kept the power company from using its own money to repair such equipment because of the high taxes and lack of concern from the state government to help trim the trees so the power line people can access the lines safely. It all starts and ends with Newsom. He is a Democrat that cannot acknowledge his faults which in turn keeps him from taking action to fix the problems.

Newsom showed his stupidity when he posted “I have a message for PG&E: Your years and years of greed. Years and years of mismanagement. Years and years of putting shareholders over people. Are OVER.” Newsom has also blamed the problems on greed. Something that he is guilty of himself. Democrats love money and want more and more of it for themselves. They often raise taxes and fees to help fill their treasure rooms. Republicans of the state have correctly placed the blame on Newsom and the other Democrats in the state.


18 thoughts on “California is Under Fire Amid Wildfires

  1. to the people of cal, do you see what the dems are doing. they are bring your once great state down to a 3rd world country .the dems have no good ideas on what to do. maybe in 2024 after our great President is done with his 2 times in office you can get him out there to save your state. remember every thing the dems touch goes to hell.. you dont think I am right, just look at what is going on in our schools, the arts, all the big cities they run ,telling kids that they can change there gender, killing all those babies, they are going after the boy scouts and the girls in sports. the bigger the government the smaller the person.


  2. I was born in Glendale, California, was educated in elementary, junior high, and high school during the times when educators were actually dedicated to teaching and improving the lives of their students, not their bank accounts through union membership. I was graduated from state college in 1968 and worked as a journalist when we were taught to keep ourselves and our feelings out of the stories and to verify the facts. Yes, Virginia, there was a time… At that time and for many years before that, California was considered truly the Golden State and not because of wildfires either. Democratic policies have completely ruined a once-lovely and productive state. I mourn the loss.

  3. When are the people of California going to vote to get Newsom out of office!!! He is a moron and knows nothing…Jerry Brown follower???? Come on Californians we can do better than this. We need to vote this idiot Newsom out! He has done nothing but make California worse than what it was. The fires are caused by environmentalists…they are like they are crazy…have always been a problem in California…none of them know what they are doing…or even what they truly believe in. Not only fires but many other things they have ruined! They should be eliminated! Let’s all get together and vote these morons out!!! California used to be ruin by Republicans who knew what they were doing…their goals were unselfish…more for the people and making California a better state. Enough said, hope you get the message.

    1. We have two separate RECALL Newsom petitions going right now.
      Vote him out? We don’t want to wait 3 more years to vote him out. Yesterday would have been too soon to see him gone. Peloser’s nephew needs to go NOW, through the Recall.

  4. My wife is from southern California and she is very saddened by what is happening, so much so, that we moved out of state. There was a time when California was the number one state for education. Now, California is number 49 regarding education not only of our young people but of college and university students. We have family who drive from Sacramento to us here in northern Nevada. We tell them to just put enough gas in their car to get here then, when they go back they can fill up before they leave Nevada. Gas here is cheaper than California. My advice to Californians………….vote Republican and you will get your beautiful state back again

  5. Not to worry. Jane Fonda is doing her part. Getting her publicity arrest/ Saving Calif for Climate Change. Maybe if she had been out picking up all the dry wood … encouraging to thin the trees as you should for good forest management. Allowing homeowners to thin… pull some of the foliage away from their homes. THere will still be forest fires… winds, dry weather, idiots that start fires.. but there could be fewer.

    1. One of the major causes of the wild fire in CaliFunnya is the ammount of electrical cables that are still “strung” on poles. High winds (and age) affect the branches causing them to break off and “short circuit” the lines causing sparks that ignite the dry underbrush… (tale about that to follow) causing these massive fires… In this day and age, electrical cables should be protected in underground channels. Look at most cities in the USA and you would think you were looking at a Third World Nation….. Cables everywhere…In the Summer fire disasters on the West Coast…. In winter Power Outages on the N.East coast….It is time Electrical companies joined the 21st Century.. (but that would hurt the profit line)….
      Now …. Why does California have such horrendous wild fires???…. No one is willing to initiate a ground clearing project to clear away the dry kindling that has accumulated in most Forrest areas….. The Tree Huggers complain that clearing this underbrush would endanger wildlife….. never mind the fact that on average 250 dwellings are destroyed every fire….. But at least the brown eyed horned owl was saved…

  6. Newsom comes from an extended lines of dishonest politicians, please do not take my word for it view a Video titled “California” on the Next News channel, it will assist people in seeing the corruption between the “:Brown’s” Newsomes. Lucky Luciano, J Paul Getty and the corruption which has been going on in this state for over 70 years importing questionable substances and becoming multi millionaires in the process, EG used taxpayer money to construct Squaw Valley Ski Resort at Tahoe, guess who got the contract for that and the taxpayers have never received a dime in return! Now Newsom quotes a well known dictator and goes about ignoring the vote of the people FOR the death penalty with the statement “Nobody Dies On MY Watch” a quote from a wall sign on the wall af the dictators office. Brown Spent millions building a railroad from nowhere to nowhere, wonder what that money would have done for FOREST MANAGEMENT might not have burnt a lot of people out of their homes.

    1. Accuse others of what you are doing, is the saying. And yes, I know all too well that the left/liberals/communists are not looking, but accusing everyone else for their bad mistakes. Of course, everything is President Trump’s fault because he won’t play their game with them.

    2. Ask yourself California is burning down & New York is get flooded out by rain ! It’s not climate change either ! It could be Gods way of saying something to both states & it’s people !

  7. We used to lived in Santa Barbara! Such a beautiful country, so many decades of liberal’s overruns , corrupted & failed policies = California will burns 🥵 down to the ground? When are the Californians wake up & vote these bumps out? (If not too late already)Best of LUCK!

  8. Maybe Hill can come back and suck Newsome’s cock if he agrees to trim the trees. Might be all that it takes in that God awful state. Harris can let him fuck her in the ass too. Bitches might just be good for something.

  9. While I feel so sorry for the ordinary Californians suffering under liberal rule in the state, they have brought this on themselves via the voting booth. When the state and its major cities go bankrupt I do not want any Federal bailouts using the taxpayer wealth of residents of the other 49 states. Outside of personal safety, no charity for anything else from the rest of us.

  10. I must be the blame for the fires, I’m a Republican, I have broad shoulders. Oh yes it is global warming which is normal considering the distance from the sun at this time. If I were a dumb rat I would be right. I meant Democrat.

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