Campaign Staffers File Lawsuit Against Bloomberg

Campaign Staffers File Lawsuit Against Bloomberg

Former presidential candidate Mike Bloomberg now stands accused of falsely promising work to his campaign staff and we are stunned! Couldn’t have happened to a nicer guy, of course. We are sure that he is not sweating out a potential lawsuit at the moment. This is a man that spent nearly a billion dollars on an ill fated presidential campaign.

A man who spent this kind of money to win one primary contest is not going to be worried about a few dollars. However, his embarrassing flop has exposed his horrific business practices. Let us go ahead and try to find our surprised faces. After one of his campaign workers was laid off (they were promised consistent campaign work until the month of November), they have decided to file suit.

She is also looking to turn this suit into a class-action lawsuit that will include all of the jilted Bloomberg campaign employees. She is claiming that she and thousands of other employees were made false promises that Bloomberg needs to pay up on. They were tricked into accepting jobs with his campaign and told that they would be employed well into the fall.

The suit has since been filed in New York City’s federal courts. Bloomberg is also alleged to have withheld overtime pay from the staffers. The positions are said to have been offered under false pretenses. The workers have now been forced to grapple with the fact that they were dismissed at least eight months before they were initially promised.

The workers are looking to be compensated for the lost pay and the health benefits that they are no longer going to receive. Now that there is a global pandemic taking place, these workers cannot afford to be without their health benefits. Bloomberg had no problem dipping into his pockets to pay social media influencers to lie about him.

He should be just as willing to spend the necessary monies to make sure that his staffers remain safe. This multi-billionaire was unable to attract workers without promising them extraordinary compensation and now he is trying to renege on the deal. They were also promised full benefits and a full work schedule for the foreseeable future.

The workers were told that they would remain employed regardless of who took home the Democratic nomination. His campaign was supposed to be deployed in the service of the candidate that was selected. Within days of exiting the race, he sent these staffers home and did not expect any sort of opposition to the decision.

This is a bold move. What did Bloomberg think would happen? He had to know that the coronavirus pandemic was right around the corner. These campaign workers cannot be expected to shoulder the financial burdens alone, especially after he promised them the sun, moon and stars.

Bloomberg is not able to engender any sort of loyalty without opening his wallet. Did he think that these people were working for him because they truly believed in his campaign? They simply wanted the payday and benefits that he was offering them. The workers were given the chance to transfer to one of the chosen battleground states.

Unless they were willing to move to Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Michigan, Arizona or Florida, they would remain out of work. Bloomberg also offered to transfer the campaign workers to a different presidential campaign. This is all well and good but people cannot be expected to pack up and move to a different state on a whim.

A former field organizer for Michael R. Bloomberg filed a proposed class-action lawsuit against his presidential campaign Monday, arguing that she and thousands of others laid off this month had been tricked into taking jobs they were told would last until November.

The lawsuit, filed in federal court in New York City, argued that the campaign had breached its contract with the at-will employees, recruiting them to work on Mr. Bloomberg’s bid under false pretenses and failing to pay them necessary overtime.

In dismissing the workers eight months earlier than promised, the complaint said, the campaign had “deprived them of promised income and health care benefits, leaving them and their families potentially uninsured in the face of a global pandemic.” …

Mr. Bloomberg — a multibillionaire who entered the Democratic race in late November and dropped out in early March — assembled an army of campaign workers quickly, attracting them with unusually high pay, full benefits and the lure of campaign work through the fall, regardless of who won the Democratic nomination. He spent more than $900 million along the way and repeatedly promised to deploy his campaign in service of whoever the party ultimately selected.

But on March 9, days after he exited the race, Mr. Bloomberg’s campaign laid off field workers in all but six battleground states, asking if they were open to relocating to one of those states — Arizona, Florida, Michigan, North Carolina, Pennsylvania and Wisconsin — or if they wanted to be referred to another presidential campaign.

Other presidential campaigns are also not going to be able to emulate the compensation packages that Bloomberg had to offer. While these offers might have seemed fair on paper, the reality of this situation is much different. This is not the only lawsuit that Bloomberg is currently facing, either.

Three former campaign workers are alleging that deception and fraud took place during their hiring process as well. Politico reports show that these aides have already filed suit and we look forward to seeing what is going to happen next. Billionaires like Bloomberg need to be taught a lesson about making these sorts of promises to their employees when they have no intention of delivering.

We sincerely hope that justice is served when it comes to these lawsuits. Bloomberg’s yearlong pay promise was disingenuous and a man with his level of resources should not be allowed to stiff decent Americans during a crisis. Two class-action lawsuits are not ideal at a time like this but if there is anyone out there who can afford to take the financial hit, it’s Bloomberg.


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