Liv Oeian /

Greta Thunberg Sues Government for “Insufficient Climate Policies”

If Greta Thunberg, the world's most unsatisfied child, is good at one thing, it's drumming up massive attention. Since the early days of her...
Magshab /

Elections Are Over So Biden HHS Pushes Mask Mandates Again

The 2022 midterm elections are over, and the Biden regime’s power has been reduced a tiny amount by Democrats losing the House. So, it’s...
U. J. Alexander /

Critical Race Theory: Is It in Our Schools or Not?

Critical Race Theory commonly referred to as CRT, has been a hot topic for a while now. It was seen throughout the midterms as...
New Africa /

Just Flush…The Disturbing Reality of Abortion Pills

“Don’t look in the toilet, just flush.” This is what many women are told by Planned Parenthood when given abortion pills. They are told...
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Transitioning from Military to Civilian Life is Harder Than Many Veterans Realize

Many who have never been in the military have no idea just how hard it can be INSIDE of the military. They know a...
xalien /

North Korea Launches Yet Another Missile With Accompanying Message

For the last few months, North Korea has been increasing its rhetoric towards South Korea, Japan, and the US. Seemingly emboldened by their ever-growing...
Evan El-Amin /

Former Trump Chief of Staff Says Trump is the “Only Republican Who Could Lose”

Mick Mulvaney served as acting White House chief of staff for former President Donald Trump, but he is no longer in Trump’s corner. Mulvaney...

Target Thinks “Organized Retail Crime” Is Behind Their $400 Million Profit Drop

Retail giants always find a scapegoat for their losses, and this time, in the eyes of Target, “organized retail crime” is the perpetrator behind... /

These Canadians are Told “Nyet” by Putin

There’s a growing list of Canadians that are not allowed to enter Russia. Actor Jim Carrey and author Margaret Atwood are among some of...
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Protect Your Babies! Maryland is About to Highly Sexualize Toddlers

Kids should get to be kids. They need to have time to run around, interact with others their age, and simply enjoy sensory play....

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