Climate Change Becomes Worst Nightmare For 2020 Democratic Candidates

Climate Change Becomes Worst Nightmare For 2020 Democratic Candidates

Climate change is certainly an issue that many have been talking about. No one wants to dispute the fact that the planet needs some help if it is going to last for future generations. Although it’s a long-term issue, it’s not the issue that most voters want to talk about right now. Since the Dems can’t stop talking about it, however, it proves that they’re going to have quite a hard time with climate control if they can’t drop the topic for a while.

Climate change is not only a national emergency but also a political opportunity. Elissa Slotkin served as the assistant secretary of Defense under President Obama. She helped to lead a Pentagon study about climate change and its ability to threaten US military bases. When she was a Democratic candidate for Congress in 2018, she attached her opponent for questioning whether there was science backing up the idea of climate change.

Slotkin knows that climate change can help a person to win in the political arena. However, she’s not a fan of how the Democrats currently running for president are making it such a prominent and progressive issue. She thinks it’s too radical, especially the “Green New Deal” That is being backed by Representative Ocasio-Cortez. Slotkin feels like their radical approach is a gift to Trump.

Slotkin fears that there are too many Democrats running for the extreme left. She also admits that AOC’s face is going to be on billboards against her in 2020 for Congress.

Many of the candidates mix up the issues. They’re talking about fixing the climate along with federal job guarantee and universal health care. She also doesn’t think that the “lefty wish list” should be seen as an emergency response. She’s worried for good reason, too – her suburban Michigan is a swing district – one that Trump won by seven percentage points in 2016.

She’s being pragmatic where too many Dems are simply not. It’s why it’s going to hurt them in the 2020 elections. There’s no need to call for massive social change to reduce emissions because it’s not accurate.

Climate change is real – and it’s showing up in the forms of Midwestern floods, fires in California, and global heatwaves. It makes it easy to see that there are significant consequences when not caring for the planet. However, the Green New Deal is at the center of the national conversation. Some polls even suggest that Democratic voters are more concerned about climate change than they are the economy – which is more than a little terrifying. Most Democratic voters, according to recent polls, show that policy priorities include climate change and health care.

Additionally, the Democratic presidential candidates are releasing heavily aggressive plans to remove fossil fuels from the equation.

Trump is not apologetic about his skepticism regarding the science behind climate change. However, there are a number of Republicans who have acknowledged that there are problems and that innovation and adaptation are required – though they oppose the Green New Deal. Plenty of major oil players are taking to Capitol Hill to lobby for modest carbon taxes and responding to shareholder pressures. BP, Shell, and other large companies understand that they need to take some kind of climate action.

By too many of the Democratic presidential candidates taking a far left-leaning approach to climate change, it is tearing the political party apart. There are the Democrats to support radical solutions and those who want to take a more rational approach, such as Slotkin.

The Green New Deal, depending on which Democrat you talk to, could be the end of air travel and even result in a ban on beef.

Trump is running his reelection campaign to go against the Green New Deal. Senate Republicans have voted “no” on it – and even Senate Democrats chose to vote with the Republicans. Nancy Pelosi, although liberal, isn’t a fan of the Green New Deal, either. She supports deep emission cuts but isn’t declining the “Green dream or whatever.”

Environmental activists constantly don’t want to see climate change be a partisan issue. It needs to be something that residents of Earth as a whole fight for. However, the Democrats have turned it into a partisan issue – and it is the sword of that they are going to fall on. By taking such a progressive left approach to it, they alienate so many people. Many people can agree on promoting clean energy infrastructures and research. Many can get behind deep emission cuts. However, it’s hard for anyone to get behind banning air travel and meat.


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