Confederate Statue Debate, Will It Be Placed In a Museum?

Confederate Statue Debate, Will It Be Placed In a Museum?

Snowflakes have got to be the most unhappy people on the face of the earth. Everything “offends” them. If there is nothing to “offend” them, then they go looking for something that does just to stir up trouble. In Lake County, Florida, a seven-foot bronze statue of a Confederate General offends the black people in the community where the statue will be placed in a museum. Yes, in a museum, where it is not hurting anyone. It was voted on, and the majority rules, so the statue will find its home there no matter what.

What many do not understand is why do all the reports say it was “not wanted by hardly anybody” when the majority voted for it to land in the museum, and only four, yes, four people out of the forty people protesting stood up and said something to try and stop it from happening. There was a three hour hearing over the matter with county officials and the black communities over the General Edmund Kirby Smith statue.

Every time the Democrats had one of their schemes going on they always had the media cover these kinds of topics to try and cause a diversion to something they had up their sleeves. It was also one of their biggest tactics to cause racial division even though there is nothing racial about the statues.

People need to understand the Civil War was not fought over slavery. The Civil War was fought over the South leaving the North, and the South had all the resources the North needed. Northern aggression caused taxes beyond belief on those resources. The South wanted no part of it. That was the reason the Civil War began. Slavery was an issue, but it was not the main issue. Slavery is a form of evil that would have ended either way. History is written by the winners of wars, and that is how the North wanted history written, but people only see the “slavery” part of it.

An economic development consultant, Alphonso Walker, told commissioners if the statue came to the county, it would show the public they are an insensitive place, and it would stop the growth of the county, leaving a bad reputation. Really? Over a hundred-year-old statue? No one has ever heard of this kind of uproar over Confederate monuments and statues like this until President Obama came into the picture. Now that was racist in it’s ugliest form. Many said the statue would open up wounds and would be hurtful to the black communities. Awe, poor babies… That’s is exactly what they are!

Do white people cry about Martin Luther King Jr. or Malcolm X? No, we look the other way and let them have their heritage. Well, let the South have theirs. Do Indians cry over statues of General Custard? No, they go on about their lives and live as peaceful as they know how. There is too many crying over history. It is history and it cannot be erased, and if it hurts, then do not look at it. Everything has to “offend” snowflakes. It is time these people grow up because slavery does not exist anymore, and it is like the town commissioner said, “President George Washington owned slaves. Is GeorgeFest a racist celebration? Is that the next step?”

Even the Emancipator President Abraham Lincoln had slaves, so did many other presidents. Why not remove those also? Because it is history, and it would be stupid to do so. I think the statement from the movie “Forest Gump” said it best, “Stupid is, as stupid does.”

Bob Grenier is fighting to have the statue kept in the museum. The statue originally is being shoved out of Washington D.C. from the National Statuary Hall. Why? For the same reason of calling it “racism.” So what are they going to do? They replace the statue with a sculpture of Bethune, a daughter of slaves. It is funny how they can have their heritage, but the Confederacy cannot have theirs, and the Southerners get called racist for those who do celebrate their heritage? That does not make any sense.

A gentleman who spoke up in favor of the statue had this to say at the committee hearing, “Smith had qualities that led the Legislature to memorialize him a century ago. I don’t know the man but, to me, this does not sound like an evil devil that he has been portrayed as so far.”


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