Conviction Means No Asylum

Conviction Means No Asylum

Many people that are claiming asylum are trying to take advantage of the system to they can enter the country without having to through the normal immigration channels. For some, it has become the fast track to being allowed to live in America. For others, it is their way to continue to live a life of crime.

President Trump is working hard to keep these people from ever coming to the country. His new policy change will keep people that have been convicted of crimes from ever seeking asylum in America.

The policy change would keep these people from being able to enter the country because of their crimes. Some lesser crimes would keep the person out as well. The policy change would also keep the judges from having to reconsider many denials that are being handed out. Illegal immigrants claiming asylum have learned to play the game of deception. They lie about their current state of being, so they appear to be fleeing poverty, violence, and even corruption.

The president has also found a new batch of critics that are claiming that he is trying to keep the United States from being a haven for people that need protection. But that is exactly what the president wants to see. He wants America to be a place where people with real needs can come and live in a protective environment with having to feel threatened.

The immigration courts are overloaded with cases. The backlog currently stands at over 1 million cases that are waiting to be heard. Every border detention center has seen an overload of people claiming asylum. These numbers are staggering and inflated because many of the people coming are lying about their true condition.

President Trump has brokered a deal with several countries to house the immigrants pending their deportment. But one thing is for certain. If they have a criminal record, they will not be allowed to enter the country.

This policy change is just another way that the president is trying to secure America. Many of the crimes committed in the country are committed by illegals. Crime rates will fall once the illegals are out of the country. One analyst has noted the changes that have taken place and stated that “The administration has been restricting asylum in a very comprehensive way — first, who gets to the border in the first place, second, who is able to apply for asylum and who ultimately receives asylum, and this is getting at that third stage.”

This is the only way to ensure that people are not skipped over and left in the centers for lengthy periods. Each one of them will have their day in court and will be able to plead their case. But if they have a criminal record, they will automatically be sent home.

This policy is also aimed at combating the sanctuary cities. These are local cities that have stated that they will not cooperate with ICE in the removal of illegal criminals. Since then these places have seen a rise in crime because of the criminals they took in. They are getting what they want. But now they can never return once deported so it is now a matter of time before they are found and sent away.

Homeland Secretary Chad Wolf has said that “I think what we are doing is playing politics with public safety. That is concerning from protecting the homeland perspective, making sure that DHS law enforcement officers have the data and the tools that they need to protect their communities.” Any repeats will be deported. There is no way around that rule.

The new rules make it so that those that are “convicted of a felony or if they were arrested repeatedly on domestic violence charges. Other crimes include: low-level convictions for false identification or unlawful receipt of public benefits. Plus: smuggling or harboring immigrants, illegal reentry, a federal crime involving street gang activity or driving while under the influence of an intoxicant.” These new rules will allow immigration officers to focus more on the cases that currently exist. This, in turn, will help bring the alarming numbers down to a manageable level.


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