Courts Rule in Favor of Galveston Police

Courts Rule in Favor of Galveston Police

They always say, “If you do the crime, you do the time!”  But what someone else should have said was about Texas, “If you do something dope, you get hauled off with a rope!”  Back in the old western days, this was the way lawmen transported criminals, usually on a horse.  In this situation, earlier this month, two police officers mounted on horseback handcuffed a criminal and led him straight to jail with a rope tied around his handcuffs.  The police officers waited for a cruiser to transport the criminal, but none were available.

The officers waited as long as they could before going back to the Old Western tradition.  There was no scuffle or fight, but the problem lies in how the people in the community saw the incident, which was predominantly black.  Also, what stirred the pot of beans was how the media jumped right onto this story to turn it into something much worse.

The criminal who was arrested for criminal trespassing, Donald Neely, 43, was caught on camera and pictures being led to jail just a few blocks away by two Galveston Police officers on horseback.  They had a rope tied around Neely’s handcuffs for reassurance he would not run away.  No harm was done to Neely, and he was perfectly fine.

Naturally, this stirred an uproar for Liberals who just cannot get enough crying out of their system.  The Texas Department of Public Safety put out a statement Monday saying, “The Rangers subsequently conferred with the Galveston Co. District Attorney’s Office, which determined that there was nothing that warranted a criminal investigation.”

Galveston County Sheriff Henry Trochesset stated, “The Texas Rangers informed local officials of their decision Friday.  A separate county investigation remains ongoing, but its charge is to examine the Galveston Police Department’s policies, training, and practices and make recommendations on changes that should be enacted.  There’s no time frame for releasing the administrative report.”

Attorney Benjamin Crump, who is working with the family of Neely stated, “When they drag Donald Neely down the road by horses and rope, it was like they (were) dragging our entire community down the road.”  No, it was just Neely they were hauling, and the entire community did not commit the crime, Neely did.  Therefore, he gets arrested, and there was nothing wrong with the way the police handled the situation.  It is just a perception of certain people to get “offended.”  This is the same perception all Liberals carry.

Melissa Morris, Neely’s attorney stated, “Neely has a mental illness and has been homeless for about seven years. The decision to not open a criminal investigation did not surprise me.  I can understand them deciding there’s no criminal action with these officers.  I still think it’s poor judgment even if it’s within the confines of policy.”

When the incident took place, an apology was put out by the Galveston police for “the negative perception of this action.”  Police Chief Vernon Hale put out this statement, “My officers did not have any malicious intent at the time of the arrest, but we have immediately changed the policy to prevent the use of this technique and will review all mounted training and procedures for more appropriate methods.”  Crump stated they were not satisfied with the apology.  They want the body cameras released to the public as well from the police department.  She stated, “Until you release that video from that body cam, we are not going anywhere.  We’re going to stay here and stand with Donald Neely and his family.”

What these ignorant libtards do not understand is the videos from the crowd, which was all over social media, and the pictures from the crowds captured the entire incident.  It was clear there was no editing.  This is another example of how Liberals can be proven wrong.  If the cops turn over the surveillance from the body cams, then it will show the exact same thing, and they can look just as stupid as the Democrats looked in the Muller investigation when there was no evidence to be found, typical Liberals.

Even Democratic candidate for Congress, Adrienne Bell had something to make the scene political for Liberal favor.  She stated, “It is hard to understand why these officers felt this young man required a leash, as he was handcuffed and walking between two mounted officers.  It is a scene that has invoked anger, disgust, and questions from the community”  Why?  Because the police were doing their job?


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