Covid-19 Snitch Files Released! St. Louis County Publishes List of People Who Ratted on Their Neighbors

Covid-19 Snitch Files Released! St. Louis County Publishes List of People Who Ratted on Their Neighbors

When we are teaching our children right from wrong, the importance of not being a tattletale is often discussed. After all, no one likes a snitch. We all want to be sure to give our little ones the right lessons. Parents never want their children to be disliked. Now that the coronavirus pandemic has continued to persist, it seems as if plenty of adults have forgotten that lesson.

People have allowed their fear to turn them into cowardly snitches and this mentality is not doing anything to help anyone. Jamie Allman is a talk radio star who has decided to put a stop to this kind of behavior. He is filing a Sunshine law request. The request has led to the publishing of various e-mails that were sent in St. Louis County.

These tattlers decided to come after various entrepreneurs in the area who were simply trying to make ends meet. Of course, it won’t surprise you to learn that many of these complaints were not actually justified. Many of the businesses that were “turned in” had been deemed essential by local authorities. These wannabe snitches were just wasting their time.

The complaints are a harrowing read. The media has turned everyone into frightened lunatics. Good and decent people are making terrible decisions that put their fellow citizens in danger. The people who made the complaints are truly terrified. They think that they are doing the right thing and while we do not agree, it’s a sad state of affairs.

There’s no reason to allow the mainstream media to control everyone’s emotions like this. The United States is now full of people who believe that they cannot go outside for any reason. Those who have filed complaints also believe that they need to remain vigilant. In their minds, the mere act of going outside could lead to the infection of dozens of people.

The complaint file that Allman turned up is a whopping 900 pages long. Once you sift through all of them, a very worrisome picture emerges. Mothers are begging companies to send their children home, thus putting them out of work. Women are even contacting their significant others’ companies and making similar requests.

Parks, laundromats and car washes were not safe from the ire of these snitches. Hobby Lobby was even the target of an attack against Christians. These complaints have all one important thing in common: the people who filed them are showing no regard for the workers and businesses that have been deemed essential.

Peace of mind is crucial at times like these but not when it comes at the expense of anyone’s earning power. How would these people feel if they were put out of work by some “well meaning” tattletale who was just trying to alleviate their own worries? We are willing to bet that they would not be so pleased with these outcomes.

Those who are looking to avoid the disease can simply stay home. Once you are already at home, what reason do you have to worry about what anyone else does? If someone else is willing to take a chance to feed their family, there is no reason why anyone should care about it. These tattlers want everyone else to suffer alongside of them and that’s why they need to be outed.

If you can complain in an anonymous fashion, you shouldn’t mind having these complaints shown to the rest of the world. Anyone who would like to read the entire document is more than welcome to do so. We are grateful to Allman for providing us with an awesome document to read. Some of the choice cuts had us absolutely howling with laughter.

A man by the name of Ralph is whining because he wants the auto dealerships to close. In his mind, these are not essential businesses and while this is understandable on a certain level, what is he gaining from this e-mail? Meanwhile, Joyce Ann is looking to get her own relative fired from their job at Reaction Auto Parts. She was acting out of concern for the whole community but this reads selfish from where we are sitting.

Some of these e-mails are truly audacious. There’s one woman who wants to have everyone sent home from the car dealership, while continuing to receive full pay. Another snitch is upset that people are playing tennis at the park. Once you have had the chance to check out these messages for yourself, you will see why we have been laughing so hard this whole time. These people need to get a life…and fast.


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