Cowardly Obama is Nowhere to Be Found

Cowardly Obama is Nowhere to Be Found

Cowardly Obama is now nowhere to be found now that the truth of his crooked running mate is coming out. He has gone off the radar and is refusing to answer any questions about his former partner in crime. Obama wants to have nothing to do with Biden or his son because he knows deep down that Biden was involved with some criminal people. President Trump has said, “ I think he knows all about.” President Trump is right about Obama. He knew all about it and now wants to keep himself far from it because guilt can be placed on himself as well.

President Trump is adamant that Obama knew about Joe Biden and his involvement with the crooked Ukrainian leaders. So much attention is being pushed by the dumb Democrats towards President Trump that people are failing to see that the Democratic party and its members are actually at fault for the trouble that is now coming to the surface. Adam Schiff is the questionable character behind all the trouble.

Or at least he is the one that will take the fall for everything once it has been proven to be false accusations against the president. President Trump has stated the truth about Adam Schiff “If you take a look at it, Adam Schiff made up a phony, fraudulent statement. My phone call was perfect — congenial, friendly, no pressure, no blackmail, as he [Zelensky] said.” There was nothing in the phone call that could be pinned on the president. There is nothing that he did or said that could ever warrant impeachment. When Bill Clinton was impeached he was impeached for the right reasons. He had done some pretty horrible things to people and had to answer for them. Nowhere at all has President Trump done anything close to what Bill Clinton is guilty of.

President Trump has been on the defensive for some time as the Democrats continually accuse him falsely of things that have been made up. President Trump is going after fake Schiff for the things that he is making up. Trump has said that he is pulling these things out of the air, and he is just “horrible” for what he is doing. The President has stated that “Very strong action should be taken against this guy.” Adam Schiff is a typical Democrat that hates people that do what is right for the country. President Trump stands for freedom and the Democrats hate him for it.

The Democrats are quick to point out that they believe that President Trump has violated his oath of office by asking the Ukrainian president to investigate the Biden’s. The Democrats are just mad that President Trump is doing the right thing and asking for a liberal presidential candidate to be investigated for wrongs done.

The dumb Democrats are mad that the president has also withheld aid to Ukraine because of their corrupted nature and government. The Democrats have made up the story that the president is withholding aid and trying to use it to force Ukraine to perform their investigation. The entire impeachment move is just a fictional movie that the Democrats have been threatening Trump with for three years now.

Pushy Pelosi has yet to call for a vote. She knows that she does not have them. The Republican party is according to the president is “doing so well right now.” The difference that they are making for the country is perfect. The Democrats are just jealous that they are not the ones responsible for the growth and prosperity that the country is seeing. They missed their opportunity to be a part of the joy when they started fighting against a president that they hate with a passion.

Even Giuliani has fallen under scrutiny from the dumb Democrats because he is for the president. Trump has stated that “He’s a great gentleman. He was a great mayor, one of the greatest, maybe the greatest mayor in the history of New York. He was a fantastic prosecutor. I know nothing about him being under investigation … I can’t imagine it. He’s a man that looks for corruption and whatever he does I believe he’s a totally, I mean, I know he’s an honorable man.”


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