Cruz Stands Up on The View

lev radin /

The View is known as liberal trash. And those who usually sit in the audience are also as liberal as they get. How else could they get as many viewers as they do knowing that all they do is bash conservative viewpoints?

It’s rare that someone as conservative as Ted Cruz is asked to be on the show. And yet, the Texas senator jumped at the opportunity. He’s not running for re-election this year, so he has absolutely nothing to lose. Instead, he has a chance to show people just how broken the country really is.

Cruz discussed his bus tour around America and how he has been listening to Americans and how they are hurting so much under the record inflation of Joe Biden and his administration. Cruz referred to the entirety as a “train wreck.”

As he began discussing inflation, there were protesters shouting in the audience. “F*ck you” had to be bleeped out a number of times. It became so bad that Whoopi Goldberg actually had to come to the man’s defense (which likely hurt her more than she’d ever care to admit). She needed everyone to quiet down so that she could ask him about some of the hard-hitting questions that she and the rest of the co-hosts had prepared.

Even the Daily Caller was quick to point out that “Whoopi Goldberg just defended Ted Cruz on The View.”

When they came back from a break, some of the protesters had calmed down. Whoopi made the comment that Cruz actually came back. Of course, he did. If he didn’t, that would only be used against him – and he’s not about to hand the liberals any kind of fodder like that.

If there’s anyone who can stand up to the liberal protesters and opinionated fools of The View, it’s Ted Cruz.

Sunni Hostin asked about what the Republican agenda was. Cruz answered that it was simple and that he’d give three words: “Jobs, freedom, and security.”

Well, that sounds a whole lot better than the liberal agenda. It’s hard to argue with those three words, either. I mean, how do you turn those words around and say that you don’t want them? Of course, you want them – and the Republicans are the only ones in recent history to prove that they can deliver on them.

You don’t think Biden or anyone else in his administration could list off their agenda in three words, do you? And certainly not those same three words. Biden has taken away jobs, taken away freedom, and cost us our security. Just look at what he’s done with the pipelines and the border.

Perhaps the most epic takedown was when Cruz pointed the finger back at the co-hosts and said that when Hillary Clinton and Stacey Abrams said that the elections were illegitimate “you guys were fine with it.”

Whoopi responded with “And it was.”

That’s when Cruz went for the jugular to show just how hypocritical they are. “So, it’s illegitimate when Republicans win but not Democrats?”

Whoopi tried to make the case that when a Democrat experiences an illegitimate election, they don’t storm the Capitol.

Cruz pointed out that there was an entire summer of ANTIFA riots happening all across the country where cities were burning. The senator went on to ask incredulously, “Your position is that the left doesn’t engage in violence, really?”

Most of what was discussed after that was literally just the co-hosts talking over Cruz because they didn’t like what he had to say. And Ana Navarro is practically shouting at Cruz to say that “he’s screaming.”

To say the interview was a cluster is an understatement. However, it’s exciting to see that Ted Cruz would literally step into the liberal playground to show just how far gone the Biden administration is. And if even a single person in the audience thought he might have a point, it was well worth dealing with the vehemence for an hour.