Cue the Awkward Silence on When the Inflation Reduction Act Will Start to Reduce Inflation

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The Democrats pushed and pushed. The Inflation Reduction Act was passed in the Senate, even without any support from Republicans. Vice President Kamala Harris exercised her rights as the tiebreaker to make it happen.

When there’s no bipartisan support, you know that it’s not very good legislation.

Still, the Democrats are touting this as the solution to fixing the inflation that has been plaguing the nation for over a year.

Great, so…when can we see the inflation start to drop?

Crickets. The Democrats don’t have an answer for that.

Fox News reported that the White House was asked directly to provide some kind of economic model to show when the bill will start to impact inflation in a meaningful way.

Inflation is obviously a major issue. It’s at 8.5% over where it was a year ago. Unfortunately, there’s been nothing out of the White House to give any kind of hope. Instead, the White House simply pushes against the criticism that the bill won’t do what it says it will.

The only thing that the White House is offering is that the Committee for a Responsible Federal Budget says that it will have a “deflationary” effect. Great….but when and how much? Again, they have no real answer for us.

Representative Jamie Raskin offered a rather lame explanation. “As soon as the act goes into effect, I hope that all of the provisions will begin to work.”

That’s a whole lot of hoping… Don’t we, as a country, deserve better than just hope? When Raskin was asked which parts of the bill will work the quickest to reduce inflation, the response was “Next question.”

That’s the problem with a partisan bill. The only ones who can answer about the Inflation Reduction Act are the Democrats. And since they’re incapable of answering the questions, it seems as though that piece of legislation was passed for nothing. It’s a whole lot of money being spent so that it appears that Biden and the rest of them are doing something.

The reality is that if the inflation doesn’t start to drop by the midterms, the Democrats are doomed.

Bernie Sanders, the socialist out of Vermont, has even gone on record to say that there’s nothing within the legislation that would actually help to reduce inflation. Unless people are going out to buy a green car or have massive amounts of medical bills, people aren’t going to see any financial help.

The CBO report shows that the bill may actually cause additional swelling of the economy – something we really don’t even want to consider at this point.

There’s a lot of money being spent, but not in the right areas. Sure, the IRS is making out great. They’ll be armed with an entire army to go after middle-class Americans. Dealing with an IRS audit won’t help Americans to feel as though they have less of a financial burden on their wallets, though. And don’t even ask the Democrats about the enforcement of the IRS – that’s another talking point that they’d rather not discuss.

The promise to fix inflation is yet another broken promise from the Democratic Party. Go ahead and ask them – they’ll tell you that they don’t have the answers.

As everything rolls out from the Inflation Reduction Act, we’ll see just how well it works. And when it doesn’t work, it will give the Republicans the chance to gain the majority once again. Maybe, then, we can actually work to fix what the Democrats have broken over the past two years.