DC Police Destroys Protesters’ Hope of Setting up Another Zone of Lawlessness in Washington DC

DC Police Destroys Protesters’ Hope of Setting up Another Zone of Lawlessness in Washington DC

Militant leftists are now panicking in Washington, D.C. Unlike so many other cities that are allowing the protesters to call the shots, their police officers are having none of it. Finally, there are some officers who are not going to let the violent mobs take over. When a crowd of vandals tried to rip down a statue of Andrew Jackson outside of the White House, they met by the DC Metropolitan Police.

The crowd was immediately dispersed with the usage of chemical irritants. Once the pepper spray was in the air, they knew that the police meant business. They went about their merry way very quickly. Lots of people took to Twitter to play the victim over what took place. Of course, they were framing the police’s defense of the statue as an unprovoked attack.

The criminals do not like it when the rules are actually enforced. Since they are getting used to seeing people in other cities doing whatever they want, they assumed that the free ride would continue. It’s a lot like telling a child “no” for the very first time. While they are not going to be happy about it, the parent is always going to know best.

The leftist Twitter accounts framed this as a battle between the protesters and the police. In their minds, the protesters were the vulnerable ones who needed to be protected. As for the police officers, they are trying their best to learn their lesson from the mistakes that have taken place in other cities. We’re looking squarely in your direction, Seattle.

The police do not want to see a repeat of what happened there. The Seattle authorities did not do enough to put a stop to the start of their “autonomous zone” and now shootings are taking place inside of the CHOP area on a regular basis. This is exactly the sort of issue that the Washington, D.C. police are looking to avoid.

The recent vandalism of the St. John’s Church is also fresh in the police officers’ minds. The protesters also lit the church on fire a few weeks back. Hopefully, the police are able to quell the unrest before a full fledged riot breaks out. We will do our best to provide the necessary updates as we receive them. It’s not like the mainstream media is going to be useful in this regard.

They like to pretend that these things are not happening until they have a chance to act like they are on the side of the leftists. The protesters may have been led to believe that no one would question them but those days are over now. If the police are being told that they are on the verge of having their funding taken away, this is their chance to show everyone who essential they are.

It is high time that the people who are responsible for all of the destruction are held accountable. Maybe if they are forced to pay restitution for the statues that they are destroying, they would think twice about tearing them down. The problem right now is that there are a wide range of people who have started to believe that the consequences do not apply to them.

That’s because the liberal media has convinced them that they are about to be living in a country without police officers. While some cities may fall for the rhetoric that is currently being presented, there is no chance of a widespread abolition. These folks should try to move to Minneapolis before they come to their senses and realize that they are in need of a police force.

Let’s hope that the police officers are able to restore order before it is too late. There are peaceful protests and there are riots. The tearing down of statues is sure to fall into the latter category. Kudos to the DC police for doing what they need to do.


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