De Blasio Is Now Offering Free Transportation and Gift Cards to Newly Released Inmates

De Blasio Is Now Offering Free Transportation and Gift Cards to Newly Released Inmates

Bill De Blasio does not have the ability to read the room, does he? On the very same morning that a rabbi was viciously attacked during a Hanukkah celebration, he decided to unleash some more bad news on the unsuspecting populace. The bail reforms that have long been discussed are going to be implemented. These reforms were going to be implemented next year but he is moving to make sure that they become a reality earlier.

These requirements are not connected to the crime mentioned above or at least that is what you would think. So how do these bail reforms tie into the attack on the innocent rabbi? The answer is a simple one. Suspects that stand accused of non sexual assaults are not going to be imprisoned for an extended period.

Instead, they are going to be turned loose without having to pay a cash bail. Even those who are believed to have committed hate crimes are going to be able to go home without having to pay a cash bail. One woman is already reaping the “benefits” of these reforms. She viciously attacked three Jewish people and yelled expletives at them as she did so.

In most instances, this would be an open and shut hate crime and she would be imprisoned for an extended period of time. This is not the New York City that Bill De Blasio wants us to live in, though. He is looking to open the prison doors to any criminal who has not committed a sexual assault.

Can you believe that this is not the only attack on Jewish citizens that has taken place recently? A woman decided to swing her purse into a Jewish woman, adeblasios she screamed that her end was near. Of course, these attacks are causing many of us to have a serious pause when it comes to feeling safe in the New York City streets.

You would think that these horrible incidents would cause De Blasio to re-evaluate his policies and make wiser decisions. He might be following the spirit of the law but there are some incidences where following the letter of the law probably makes more sense. This would seem obvious to just about any of us but apparently, simple logic is eluding the decision-makersDe Blasio who New York City foolishly decided to put into power.

As you may have expected, these policies actually fit into a much larger agenda that De Blasio is looking to enact. He is looking to change the way that criminals are treated and this is not going to be for the better. Those who have been freshly released from prison are now going to be receiving cell phones, MetroCards and gift cards.

If this sounds a lot like prisoners are being handed goody bags on their way out of Rikers, that is because they are. All of this swag is great but what about the citizens who are working hard and doing the right thing? Don’t they deserve a little bit of compensation, too? De Blasio’s policies have come under a great deal of fire lately and rightfully so.

Cash bail might seem racist to some but for law enforcement, it was also a way to make sure that defendants actually showed up when it was time to be put on trial for their crimes. We remember the good old days, when prisoners were offered cash prizes and sports tickets as a means of tricking them into showing up. Now, the incentives work in the opposite direction.

Law enforcement is now offering New York Mets tickets, as a way of saying “please, show up” and we cannot believe it. According to De Blasio, these incentives are supposed to make for speedier trials but we are not so sure. Experts believe that this is supposed to be a great investment but they are not considering that there is a human element at play in these instances.

Law enforcement officials are already speaking out against this. Their jobs are already hard enough as it is and this is only going to make them more challenging going forward. Why is the city bending over backward to reward criminals when they have already committed a crime? It’s nonsensical and we have had just about enough!

It is even more alarming that there are citizens who honestly believe that De Blasio should be the nation’s next president. The mere idea should send chills down the spine of every good and decent American who is going to be forced to live in this lawless land in the years to come.



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