De Blasio Rails Against People That Have Not Been Vaccinated by Making Fun of Overweight People

The thrust by liberals to get people to get the vaccine is reaching new levels of insanity. Joe Biden shows up on the stage and demands that people go and get the shot. And if they still refuse, he threatens them with having to mask up for the rest of their natural lives. That method of attack is one that a dictator would use to get his subjects to do things that are not natural.

Some other attempts to coerce people to take the shot include what some in the state of Ohio are doing by giving away millions of dollars in prizes. And those living in liberal New York and New Jersey are getting a free beer with every shot. As if alcohol means more to people than their right to choose for themselves what is best for their own health.

In other areas of the country, liberals are handing out bonds to young people. And there are even high schools in California waving community service requirements for graduation to students who willingly take the shot without their parents’ consent.

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio is taking a new approach to help people go and get the beloved vaccine. It should not surprise people that his approach is next to insane and will certainly put people in an awkward position should his methods be accurate in their lives.

De Blasio approached the situation from a position that is rather offensive to people. He stated that “I want you to look at these French fries and think about how great it is to get vaccinated,” said the Democrat, touting that Shake Shack is giving away vouchers to those who get the vaccine, as he chows down on a handful of fries.”

This new approach basically tells people to get the shot and then gorge themselves on fast food. He is telling people that they need to look at getting the shot like how they love the fast options of many food chains.

He went on to gross people out by saying, “There’s also a burger element to this…is it too early in the day to eat a burger? No? This could be breakfast? I want you to look at this and think about, again, some people love hamburgers, some don’t, I really want to respect all ways of life, but if this is appealing to you, think of this when you think of vaccination. Mmmm…vaccination. I’m getting a very good feeling about vaccination right this moment.”

His disgusting way of making fun of overweight people sent social media into a frenzy. One post noted that facts show “80% of hospitalized people for COVID-19 were overweight. Male adults gained avg. of 37 pounds during pandemic. The gov’t closed gyms for months on end to ‘protect’ us. Fast food restaurants stayed open. Government’s solution to fix all of it: Get people more fat.”

Bill de Blasio’s attempt to force people to take a shot showed how desperate the liberals are with wanting to keep their control over people. They are willing to stoop to new lows and shame people to do things they do not want to do.

His attempt did reveal one thing, as noted by social media. And that is the liberals want to make people dependent on the government for their health and well-being. The gyms were closed, and high-calorie places were open. People were forced to sit on their couches, and all they could do was get heavier. So now, instead of fearing the virus, people fear a heart attack or other complications from being overweight.

Joe Biden and the rest of the nutty liberals have only control of their minds. They want to tell people what to do and how to do it. They once feared the very shot because a Republican president developed it is now their weapon of choice over people.

They want to take the credit for the vaccine that rightly belongs to Donald Trump. The pandemic has been nothing more than a game for the Democrats. They see it as something they can use in their quests for more power.


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