DeBlasio Wants to Mount Massive Police Operation – to Hunt Illegal Fireworks Not Brutal Rioters

DeBlasio Wants to Mount Massive Police Operation – to Hunt Illegal Fireworks Not Brutal Rioters

Mayor De Blasio is a well known flip flopper but this one takes the cake. If you were wondering how long it would take him to forget that he is a “progressive”, you finally have your answer. All it took was a few nights of fireworks that kept him from being able to get a good night’s rest. Now, he is ready to start a new massive police operation to catch those no good fireworks fiends!

A couple of Roman candles go off and now De Blasio is all about the police again. It would be hysterical if he hadn’t spent weeks letting criminals trash his city under the guise of being a liberal. A gigantic undercover operation that is designed to bust citizens for setting off fireworks goes against all of the beliefs that he claimed to have before.

We always knew that politicians were without principles of their own but this is too funny. De Blasio is telling the city that they need lots of police officers because he has been personally inconvenienced. What about all of the citizens who have been picking up the pieces from the carnage that he is allowing? Why can’t they round up their own police force that is willing to do their bidding?

De Blasio is now promising a major sting operation, which is probably causing a sizable amount of rage for all of the plainclothes officers who were just let go from their unit. We are sure that these officers would have been pretty useful when it comes to a sting operation involving the usage of fireworks. Too bad he didn’t think of that before it was too late.

At this point, the police are probably going to tell De Blasio to handle the problem himself and rightfully so. Public officials who wanted to disrespect the police to garner votes from liberals are now doing a complete about face. We knew that the tables would turn eventually but we did not think that it would end up happening this quickly.

The mayor tried his best to ignore the growing issue. More and more citizens have been complaining about the fireworks. He knew that he could not pretend that the problem didn’t exist for much longer. Those who are fed up with his inactivity are probably happy, if nothing else. The rest of us are wondering how long it will be before he decides to acknowledge the inherent hypocrisy of what he is saying.

Of course, there are others who are going to be pointing out the obvious public safety issues that are taking place here. Fireworks can be quite dangerous. We just hope that no one is hurt during these impromptu shows. People have already been caught throwing fireworks at the homeless. How long will it be before they are sending fireworks into occupied buildings to see what happens?

It’s a problem, for sure. However, it is a problem that does not have an obvious solution. While there are some who are screaming “get more officers on the streets!”, de Blasio has tied his own hands with his latest decision making. He can’t tell everyone that he is looking to take away funding from the New York Police Department and then send more officers into the streets.

De Blasio was fine with all of the destruction but disrupting his sleepy time is a bridge too far! No one is going to feel all that much sympathy for him at the moment. We are going to be honest with you…..we sort of hope that he is still forced to deal with the noise. It’s the only way that he is going to understand how foolish his past few weeks of decision making has been.

Any mayor who is willing to use the police as their own squadron to handle whatever concerns are ticking them off should not be trusted. In the meantime, de Blasio still wants to complain about the issues that are taking place. The whole thing would qualify as satire under any sort of normal circumstances.


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